Summer TV

There are a couple of new shows I'm enjoying this summer.

First is Work of Art on Bravo.  It follows the same pattern as Project Runway and Top Chef, but this time we're looking for the best artist.  The contestants all work in different mediums (photography, sculpture, painting, performance arts, screen printing, etc.), and it's interesting to see how they interpret each assignment.  Last week, they were asked to design a cover for one of six Penguin Classics:  Frankenstein, Dracula, Alice in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, The Time Machine, and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  The entries are on Bravo's website.  My favorite was the Dracula design on page six.  It came in 2nd place.  The winner, for The Time Machine, is on page 12.  The winner's selection will be on the next printing of book from Penguin Classics.

The other show is Memphis Beat with Jason Lee and Alfre Woodard.  Jason Lee plays a cop by day in Memphis, and a singer by night.  After 20 minutes, I sent my dad an email and told him he should check this show out.  I loved it.  It's not a comedy, but there are funny moments, and I love Jason Lee's character.  The show's also got a great soundtrack.

OMG, thank god for Facebook tonight.  I didn't realize the BET Awards were on tonight, and thanks to my cousin's post, "Prince is so beautiful," along with several others, I tried to figure out what people were watching.  Then I found it.  I turned BET on just in time to see a tribute to Prince.  He's in the audience (looking quite handsome) and right now, Alicia Keys is singing a great rendition of "Adore."  Wow--she really did it up...got up on the piano and everything.  Patti LaBelle came out and sang "Purple Rain."   I've always wanted Patti to be my friend.  I remember seeing an interview about the first time she met Prince, and she said he was so thin--she just wanted to cook up some food for him.  The show airs again later this week...I've already set Tivo to record it.  I can't believe I almost missed it.   Patti and Chaka Khan then present Prince with the BET 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award.  All I'm thinking is, when is this man going on tour again.  His was the best concert I ever saw.

OK, sorry for that interruption.  Back to summer TV.  I'm also enjoying True Blood, Royal Pains, Drop Dead Diva, and Top Chef.  Plenty to keep me busy.  Oh, and I'm also watching the first season of Dexter on DVD...great show--not sure why I wasn't watching all along.  I'm looking forward to the return of White Collar, as well as the start of a new show, The Big C, with Laura Linney, later this summer.

My friend Kerri recommended Hot in Cleveland.  Unfortunately, my power went out as it was recording last week, so I only got to see the first five minutes.  I'll try again this week.

So, any other recommendations?

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Kerri said...

yes- try to watch hot in cleveland, valerie!!

i finally recorded the two episodes of work of art that have aired and they are now awaiting me on the DVR. yay! :)

i am watching the bachelorette (ewww, i know!) and tonight there is gonna be DRAMA!!!