Another DC reality show

Dang. I saw a Tweet earlier this afternoon that a little shop in DC called Georgetown Cupcake is going to be featured in a new reality show on TLC, beginning July 16.

I've been actively boycotting this store since last October. At that time, Georgetown Cupcake participated in an event called the Taste of Georgetown. At the event, you buy tickets and use them as payment for samplings of food from various restaurants. Georgetown Cupcake ran out of cupcakes at their booth, but told people if they went to the store, they could redeem the tickets for two cupcakes per ticket. I didn't go, buy heard from my parents that when they got over to the store, the line went around the block. (The situation is nicely described at Nerdvana, about halfway down the page.)

Call me cyncial, but my questions were these:
  1. How did they have so many cupcakes at the store, but not enough at their booth?
  2. Since the store is only a couple blocks away, why didn't they bring more cupcakes to the booth as needed?
My theory?  They selfishly wanted to divert people away from a nice family and community event and bring all the attention to their store. It's like they were saying, Look at me! Look at me! A guy on the radio mentioned that a camera crew was at the store during all this--I'm now wondering if it was part of the reality show being shot. How convenient for a camera crew to catch on tape the long lines in front of the store. (Note: Okay, okay, so Georgetown Cupcake often has long lines on any given day. It's still nothing like that on the day of the Taste of Georgetown.)

Anyway, not cool.

What I haven't told you is that there's another cupcake store in Georgetown, called Baked and Wired. Their cupcakes are my favorite, and they also have other baked goods--breads, pies, and cakes that are scrumptuous. They also have coffee, chai, and regular tea, AND they have a couple of nice seating areas with couches and big tables. I actually think the folks at Baked and Wired would make for better TV, considering 1) the name of their store, in and of itself, and 2) the fact that they sell a product called "Hippie Crack." (It's a highly addictive granola mix.)

So, although my inclination is continue my boycott and ignore this TLC show altogher, I'm now very curious to see what time of year it was shot and if the whole Cupcake Debacle is included. I've got a couple weeks to figure out what to do. We shall see.


Katherine said...

Some of my coworkers and I decided to have an offsite meeting revolving around Georgetown cupcakes. Personally, I don't like waiting in line for anything, and after waiting in line in the heat, I only thought the cupcakes were average. I couldn't figure out what the fuss was about. I have tried a few of the other cupcake places, trying to figure out the whole cupcake phenomenon. Lavendar Moon Cupcakes in Old Town, a mobile cupcake truck that goes to different locations each day, and also Baked and Wired. Baked and Wired's were the largest for the price and the moistest. But I also like the idea that I could get other baked goods while my cupcake lover friends could get cupcakes. Indeed, the hippie crack, was the best granola EVER! and I also tried something called a bee sting which was excellent. and the other baked goods looked great too. So, I cannot figure out why there is a cupcake phenomenon, most bakeries sell more than one specific type of item, not just a brownie, or a pie, but all baked goods. That's the way I like it!

Kerri said...

love your expose here, valerie! i bet you're right- i'd do some investigating if i loved there! :)