American Gods by Neil Gaiman

American Gods American Gods by Neil Gaiman

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Howdy! I've been on vacation, and while I was gone, I finished reading American Gods. I read this as part of a book club experiment on Twitter (One Book, One Twitter - http://twitter.com/1B1T2010). I finished the book a couple weeks ahead of schedule, and while I didn't follow the Twitter feed about it that closely, I did enjoy the whole experience. This book is strange, clever, thought-provoking, and educational. It has sparked in me a new interest in mythology, beyond that which I learned about the Greeks & Romans in the 7th grade. It's difficult to summarize what the book is about, but basically, the main character, Shadow, is pulled into a mysterious world filled with mythological figures who are facing an oncoming war to maintain their existence in America. I really enjoyed it, and will definitely read it again some day, after I've learned a bit more about different mythological stories from around the world.

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