So, who will it be?

It's AI's finale. Ryan says that last week, less than 2% separated the finalists. Then he did an informal poll of the audience. If that were to determine the winner, it's going to be Lee. I heard people saying that Dial Idol was predicting Lee as well. I suspect it's those boy-crazy tweens doing the voting, and whatever votes had been going to Casey will now go to Lee. I hope it's wrong because Crystal really knocked it out last night and deserves to win. I did my part and called for her, but I'm only one person. We'll see what happens.

Ryan introduces Lee and Crystal and they come out in Catholic school gear. Not sure why--I suspect it has something to do with a performance they're going to do. Yep, here come the Top 12 singing "School's Out for Summer," and performing choreography badly. Then a choir of young kids come out with their eyes painted black like Alice Cooper, and then, ta-da! There's Alice Cooper! American Idol is the last place I'd expect to see him.

After a commercial break, last year's winner, Kris Allen, performs "The Truth." (No, I didn't know the song...I checked iTunes.) Nice, subdued performance, but I fast-forwarded about halfway through just cuz I was a little bored.

Next comes a tribute to Simon on his last night. They showed several of Simon's best moments and commentary from the other judges including Paula!

Siobhan and Aaron come out to sing "How Deep is Your Love" with the s--l--o--w--e--s--t intro ever. They harmonize nicely though. And then, there are the Bee Gees!! Yay! Though, nowadays, I can't see them without thinking of this:

Big Mike comes out to sing "Takin' It to the Streets." Will Michael McDonald suddenly appear too? Of course!! He looks good...weird to see him performing without a keyboard. The two Mikes did well.

Now comes a song set to Simon's greatest insults, performed by Dane Cook. Dane then roasted Simon a bit. Ellen looked completely unamused, like, "I'm the funny one here." She's right--Dane Cook wasn't funny. Then it ended, unfunnily, (I'm making that a word) with some former terrible audition-ers. The camera cut away quickly, when one guy grabbed the mic and said he'd be replacing Simon. I suppose that wasn't part of the script.

Now the girls perform Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful." TERRIBLE idea. The only one who sounds good is Crystal. Didi, Lacey, Katie and Siobhan were all off key. I would never pay to see this group live. But I love Didi's earrings. Paige came out and they all did MUCH better on "Fighter" and then, abracadabra! Here's Christina Aguilera, who sounded a little shaky herself at the beginning of her solo. She sounded hoarse. But then she finished strongly. Man, what a voice she has. Love it.

Ricky Gervais and his new beard, which I like, said a funny goodbye to Simon.

Hey folks, SYTYCD starts TOMORROW!!!!!! Yay!

Lee's singing a Hall & Oates song, the name of which eludes me right now. Oh, "I Can't Go For That." Duh. Here come the rest of the guys...as a group, they sound better than the girls did. Now I want to see H&O. I'll have to listen to them tomorrow. Casey starts with "Maneater" -- he sounds good! Even Tim sounded good on this song. Then comes some more bad choreography. Oy. And finally, Darryl Hall and John Oates comes out to do "You Make My Dreams Come True," which makes me want to pull out (500) Days of Summer. Oates looks like he's wearing a Jheri Curl. Seriously. They sound good as ever though.

Crystal comes out to sing Alanis Morissette's "Ironic." Love it! Perfect song for her. And here's Alanis. How funny--I was JUST talking about her yesterday, wondering where she's been! And, she and Crystal are doing "You Oughta Know." Funny, they changed "Will she go down on you in a theater" to "Will she go down with you to the theater." Ha!!! They each walk back and forth across the stage, and the camera barely caught it, but Crystal tripped. Oops. Glad she didn't fall. These two sound great together. [By the way, I was talking with a coworker about Alanis because my coworker was in Naples, FL last week and saw where Alanis' huge beach house.]

Carrie Underwood performs "Undo It." She likes coming back to this show. Ryan said she won five years ago--wow.

Kris Allen comes on to present Lee and Crystal with their new Ford Fiestas, which they designed themselves. That's kind of cool. Then we get the last Ford commercial, in which Lee and Crystal sing, but they show clips from all the previous commercials.

Ryan next welcomes Casey to the stage to perform "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." And wow, there's Bret Michaels. I don't know how he's on stage so soon after his health issues, but he looks and sounds good. Yay! Standing "O" from the audience.

Lee performs a medley with Chicago. Lee's from Chicago, so it makes sense. I was just talking about Chicago TODAY. What is this--is AI reading my mind or something? Or am I reading the producers' minds? Anyway, they start with "Does Anybody Know What Time It Is," then go into "If You Leave Me Now." Lee tries a falsetto and it doesn't work. Next they do a song I know, but don't know the name of.

Another clip about Simon and his flirting. Oh god. I suspect we'll be seeing that kiss between Paula and Simon once again. Yep, there it is.

Oh god...General What's-His Name gets to perform "Pants on the Ground" ON STAGE at the Nokia Theater. He's got quite a few moves for a 60+ year old. Just when this song was completely out of my head. Damn. Oh jeez. Here comes William Hung too. I don't even know what to say about that.

More memories from Paula. It was very sweet, actually. And then, the "curtain" rises and Paula's on stage. Simon looked surprised. Paula then went into some schtick that was kind of uncomfortable. She looks great though. Next, another video montage, to Frank Sinatra's "I Did It My Way." Awww. Paula said the show will go on without Simon. She might be right, but it won't be the same.

Now, here comes Kelly Clarkson (she looks FABULOUS), Reuben, Fantasia, Carrie, Jordin Sparks, Taylor, and Kris Allen to sing. Then a whole bunch of previous contestants comes out...Justin Guarini, Ace, Constantine, Bo, Jason, Elliot, Archuleta, this years' contestants. The song was just okay, but it was great to see everyone. Paula sat in Simon's lap as the kids performed. Where are David Cook and Adam Lambert?! [Note: I just read that David Cook was at a charity event in Kansas, and that Adam has been put on vocal rest.]

Ryan brings Simon onto the stage. He admitted to being emotional. He thanked everyone and said, "It's been a blast."

Next, this years' contestants perform Janet Jackson's "Again." Janet came out and looks simply beautiful. Her hair is cut really short and she just looks amazing. I love her haircut! She performed a slow tune which Ryan later tells us is called "Nothing." She then changed out of her dramatic dress and then performed "Nasty." Whew! Time to dance!
No, my first name ain't baby. It's Janet. Ms. Jackson if you're nasty!
We're getting close to results time. They run through the memories of Lee and Crystal. I'm becoming more and more convinced that they should be a couple. Wouldn't that be a great story. If her beau doesn't marry her soon, she should drop him and get with Lee.

The two come out to perform "With a Little Help From My Friends" and they sound great! And then Crystal introduces Joe Cocker. He's getting older, but he still sounds good. Crystal sang her heart out on this song--Lee didn't contribute much.

OK folks. Time for the results. Finally. It's been a good show, but it's also been a LONG show.

The winner of American Idol 2010 is...

Lee DeWyze

Damn. I feel let down, even though I really do like Lee. Good for him.

Ryan asked how it feels, and Lee said, "I don't know..." He's pretty flabbergasted. At one point, he looked over at Crystal and said, "Crystal, I love you" and they hugged each other. Then the Beautiful Day music started up. Thankfully he sounds better than he did last night.

Good show.

Do I dare declare, here and now, that this is it for my American Idol updates? I'm afraid so, people. I'm just not interested in the show without Simon. The only caveat would be if they suddenly announced that Harry Connick, Jr. will be the new judge.

I'll be back in a few weeks with SYTYCD updates. I don't like to comment during the audition period, but if there's anything earth shattering to share, I will. Of course I'll also be here with other TV, movies, books and music updates as they come to me.

Thanks for reading, AI fans. It's been fun.


Kerri said...

yes, AI seems to be losing it's steam anyway, and without simon, i just can't imagine. but hey, maybe they'll give us harry??!!!! that would be fantastic.

lee didn't bring it at all last night, however i'm still glad he won. i was getting sick of crystal. actually i was less interested in this season's contestants than i've ever- i liked casey and not so much anyone else-- (altho i did like the guy who got booted early that sounded like james morrison..but i feel terrible, i've already forgotten his name!!)

anyway, i am sad you won't be posting funny wrap ups to idols anymore, and so sad simon is leaving...

i might have to watch sytycd, altho i never have before!!

Valerie said...

Hmm....I'm trying to remember who sounded like James Morrison. Was it Andrew? With the glasses? If so, I liked him too.

Kerri, I think this is the perfect time for you to start watching SYTYCD. They're making changes to the show and are bringing back favorite performers from previous seasons, so you'll get a full overview of what's happened so far. I think you'll like it. As long as it's been on, I actually have preferred it to AI. Give it a try! ;o)