Only four remain...

Who will make the top 3 on American Idol? We'll find out tomorrow. Tonight we have Casey, Big Mike, Crystal and Lee performing. At this moment in time, I think Mike will probably go next, but let's see what he does tonight.

The theme is songs from the movies, and Jamie Foxx is the mentor. Each will sing individually, and then there will also be two duets. Jamie brought in some T-shirts--one that says "Contestant" the other that "Artist." Jamie says the kids should be striving to be artists at this point.

Lee goes first and sings, "Kiss from a Rose." During their session, Jamie got right in Lee's face, like he did with Danny Gokey last year, to help pull out his confidence. Lee gets an Artist shirt. When Lee performs, he's a little off key in the lower notes, but sounds good with the big notes. I give him a B. Judges didn't really care for it either ("you were trying too hard to sound like the original"), and Simon declared that Lee is still at the "Contestant" stage. Despite the criticism, Lee felt good about his performance.

Big Mike is up next with something from Michael Jackson. When Ryan first says this, I immediately think of The Wiz and pray that Mike's not singing "Ease on Down the Road." Thankfully, he's not--he's singing "Will You Be There" from Free Willy. I thought he did a nice job (Grade: B, but again, the judges didn't really agree. Kara wanted "goose bumps," but feels Mike played it safe. Simon says he doesn't know what Free Willy is. He did feel that Mike did give it 100% and that he meant it, so that's good.

Lee and Crystal come out to perform one of my favorite songs, "Falling Slowly," from Once,. Kris Allen did a great job with this song last year. Lee and Crystal did even better. Lee's voice is perfect for this song. Crystal does great harmony. I love it! They're both playing guitar and it's great. Grade: A+. Judges loved it. Kara said it was one of her favorite moments of the entire season. She loved their interaction and chemistry and they brought out the best in both of them. Simon said, "I don't know if I would call that a good song--I would call it a fantastic song."

I was fast forwarding through the commercials and then I had to back-track. Was that Wyclef Jean leading a parade in an ad for Ritz crackers?! Wha?

Casey's up next with "Mrs. Robinson." Jamie said that Casey wasn't focused during rehearsals, and asked Casey to pretend he's a woman and for Casey to seduce him. Casey got an Artist shirt. Casey's playng a mandolin and sounds good, but he has NO personality while singing. I wasn't seduced. Grade: C+. Randy asked why he chose that song, and brought up the whole Kara thing AGAIN. Let that die, people! Randy thought Casey sounded cool, but he wasn't jumping up and down. Ellen said, "I wish they would've given you a big-boy guitar." Simon didn't think the performance had the substance required for tonight and thinks Casey could've made more of an impact. He thought it a strange song choice.

Crystal's doing a song from Caddyshack. Uh-oh. She's singing "I'm Alright" by Kenny Loggins. She got an Artist shirt from Jamie. She did a honky-tonk version of the song and I loved it. Yay--she made it her own! I hope the judges give her props for that. Grade: A. Randy liked that she switched it up and made it suit her. Ellen thought she made the song better--I agree. So does Kara. Simon said that Crystal is "back in the game" and winked. (Love that Simon wink!)

Next up are Casey and Mike with "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" from Don Juan de Marco. Both are performing with guitars. It's a really nice performance. Grade: A Great way to end the show. Randy thought the guitar playing was excellent, sounded shaky at first but then good. Ellen says, "Well, as a matter of fact, yes I have loved a woman." Kara said the duets were better than all of the solos. Simon said the Artists tees should go to the duets.

Voting-wise, I'd rate tonight's performances like so:

6. Casey
5. Mike
4. Lee
3. Crystal
2. Casey & Mike's duet
1. Lee & Crystal's duet

Tomorrow Daughtry, Fantasia and Bon Jovi will be on. We'll see who our Top 3 are.

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