I ♥ Glee - ***SPOILER***

Just watching tonight's Glee and loved Neil Patrick Harris on the show. More than that, Idina Menzel is cast perfectly as Rachel's birth mother. The first time I saw Lea Michele, I thought, wow, she really reminds me of Idina Menzel.

In case you don't know, Idina Menzel is a Broadway actress, who I first saw in Rent years ago. She originated the role of Maureen. She's now married to Taye Diggs (who was also in the original Rent cast).

That's Idina and Tracie Thoms, who played JoAnne in the movie version of Rent.

Uh-oh...time to pull out the CDs. I'll be listening to them for days.

Oh! I'm still watching Glee, and the duet with Idina Menzel and Lea Michele doing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables was FANTASTIC. Oh. I just LOVE this show!

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