Give me a break!

I'm watching LuAnn sing on Real Housewives of New York. I can only hope that she'll watch this show back and give up singing forever. She sounds HORRIBLE.

Yet, the guy she's working with at the studio spends his time kissing her ass and telling her what a great voice she has, probably just so he can be on TV. Oh dear god.

Jill's face at the end of that clip says it all. Ay yi yi.

OMG. The finished song is just BAD. Producer Dude put so many effects onto the song, and it still sounds like crap.

I'm kinda embarrassed for LuAnn. Wow.


Jeanene said...

Ugh, I'm about over the RHONY.

Debbie said...

Wow. Not even high techie stuff can even help. The best part is when she's NOT singing. And the worse..."my friend!" But, Jeanene, how can you be over RHONY? This is great, train wreck television. I luv it! And I do not feel bad for her....she's singing her way to the bank - perhaps not a huge bank, but a bank, I'm sure. Even with a crappy song.