From 5 to 4

Elimination night again on Idol. I noticed during the introduction of the judges there was a marked difference in the applause given for Randy, Ellen and Simon compared to that for Kara. Things were pretty quiet when Ryan introduced her. Interesting.

Next is the group song, which I wish they would do away with on this show. It's just uncomfortable and awkward. They started with "The Lady is a Tramp." Crystal was the Lady (or Tramp). Next, little Aaron started with, "When I was 17...." Now, Aaron is 17, but Michael Jackson did it so much better when he was, like, 10. After that I fast-forwarded through the rest. I couldn't take it.

Next week the top 4 will be singing songs of the cinema, with Jamie Foxx as the mentor. Please, don't let anyone sing Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing." One, I think we've already heard it this season and two, I'm tired of it on Idol. It should be retired. Also, no "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic.

They did a little segment about what Tuesdays are like for the contestants. They showed a clip of Michael's baby girl--so adorable. So was Crystal's little boy.

Ryan begins the torture. Lee's up first. After five minutes of babbling from Lee, Ryan and Simon, Ryan announces that Lee is safe.

Lady Gaga performs "Alejandro" after the commercial break. It's a very dramatic performance, as usual. I'm gonna have to come back tomorrow to put in a link to this performance since I can't really describe it in words. The main word that comes to mind is "interesting." She spent the first part of the song fighting with a huge piece of black tulle. And she lip-synched all but the intro, and she lip-synched badly.

Noticed something else about Kara. When they came back from commercial break, the cameras were panning over the judges. All but Kara are looking elsewhere, but she stares straight into the camera with a goofy smile the whole time. Something about her has bothered me for a while--I think this is it. She's very camera happy.

Next was the best part of the show--a clip of Harry Connick, Jr's antics from his rehearsals with the contestants. He's so funny! I love Harry! You know, I would love it if he were on this show all the time.

He performed next...ahhhhh....*sigh*.

Uh-oh. Now the Top 5 are coming out to perform some of Harry's songs. They started with "We Are in Love" which happens to be my favorite. It reminds me of my favorite trip to NYC, but I'll save that story for another time. (I will say that I bought Harry's "We Are in Love" and Prince's "Diamonds & Pearls" CDs that day.) Anyway, the Idolettes did a nice job with Harry's stuff.

Back to the results. Ryan starts moving everyone around the stage. (This part is so tedious each week.) Crystal's asked to go to one side of the stage. Michael goes to the other. Aaron's asked to join Big Mike. Casey is sent to stand with Crystal. Hmmm. In my opinion, Casey and Aaron should be in the same group.

Ryan announces that Lee is safe, and that Mike and Aaron are the bottom two. Mike doesn't belong there based on last night's performance.

Ryan finally announces that Aaron's going home tonight. It's the right decision. I'm sure Aaron will be fine. Mike gives Aaron a big hug and whispers some advice in his ear. Kinda funny to see on stage, actually. Big guy, little guy and all that. Aw...he's a sweet kid. I do wish him well.

I think this helps my pool, but I think it helps everyone else's too. We shall see.

OK Idolettes...no Aerosmith, no Celine Dion next week. Thank you.

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Katherine said...

I look forward to Jamie Foxx, he is multitalented, and a great singer.
Lets see what they come up with next week.
I agree about the group song and also the moving them about the stage at elimination. They need to keep the suspense, and fill the whole hour, maybe more guest singers instead?