Consider youselves lucky

You, Dear Reader, are lucky that you didn't have to experience the nastiness I just experienced. It is called: Dutch Double Zout, also known as double salt licorice. Now, I love black licorice, and feel there's no really no need to add salt to it, but apparently, the Dutch feel differently.

So, how'd this all come to be, you ask? Well, my boss has been talking about this salty licorice for a while. She had a Dutch friend when she was growing up whose mother would give them a piece of salty licorice before school each day. She found the same candy at a store in Albuquerque while on travel a while back, and always asks people to bring her some if they happen to come across the candy store.

Well, one of my coworkers was in Albq. last week and brought back some of this candy. He noted that there was regular salty licorice, and then there was the double salt licorice--he brought back some of both.

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. My boss had me first try the regular salty licorice, which wasn't too bad. You pucker a little bit, kind of like when you eat a Sour Patch Kid. Since I didn't spit that out, she let me try the Double Zout. OMG. It was definitely SALTY and pretty disgusting. You only get a bit of the licorice flavor and are just overwhelmed by saltiness. It was a small candy, so I decided to just grin and bear it and eat the whole thing. My boss mentioned a couple people who spit it into trashcan immediately. I tried to be dignified.

After I was done, I downed a huge glass of water to rehydrate myself.

I Googled this candy to see what I could find, and came across a pretty funny website called Bad Candy. The authors had a pretty funny description of their experience. (I recommend you also read the description for Sabroso.) I can't really add much to what they said. I just know that my boss can keep all those little candies to herself.

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