Awkward moment

My sister and I had dinner at our folks' place this evening. Early in the evening we watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off on VH1. We noticed that they dubbed over the word "ass." I commented, "Gosh, they can't say "ass" on Vh1?!" That was weird.

Later in the night, after watching a couple of funny episodes of The Middle, we turned on Sex & the City on TBS. First, Miranda's date said something about not being able to get a BJ (he said the whole word). My sister just looked at me. I think we both felt uncomfortable hearing that language with our parents, in their living room.

Then, in a later scene, Charlotte and Trey were seeing a sex counselor. He gives them homework to do--go hone and share a sexual fantasy with each other. Charlotte shared hers, but then Trey said he couldn't do it, and told Charlotte that he's just not a sexual being. After a while, Charlotte wakes up and hears noises coming from the bathroom. She discovers Trey "taking care of himself," an "adult" magazine falls to the floor. Again...not something you want to be watching with your parents. I often felt this way when I was a teenager and we'd see stuff like that in movies. I was kind of surprised to still feel that way some 20 years later.

Anyway, to ease the awkward tension, my sister exclaims, "So, they can show that on TBS, but they can't say 'ass' on VH1?!"

Great question!

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Kerri said...

yes, those situations are a little awkward, no matter your age! i like to think that our parents just don't know that term- bj :)