Amazing Race 16 - ***SPOILER***

Tonight was the final leg of the Amazing Race and unfortunately, the one team I did not want to win, did. The brothers won. I don't like them at all. I know it's a race, but they played dirty, and I hate when people win because of that.

My team, the cowboys, came in second place, and Jet said it perfectly:
There are things that are more important than money. the experience of being able to travel all the way around the world with my best friend, and my brother, and then in the end having our character and our integrity intact, we can walk outta here with our heads held high, and look people straight in the face.
Amen to that--they ran a great race.

AND THEN...the models came in 3rd place, showing up the lesbians. Yes! Catie went to apologize to the ladies for giving them a U-Turn earlier in the race, and the bee-yotch Brandy rolled her eyes and said, "I don't want to hear 'sorry' from you." Um, bitter much? Her girlfriend, Carol, looked so embarrassed to be with her right then...I hope Carol has moved on by now. Anyway, here's the rest:

Brandy: You purposely whacked us. You said you wanted to be the only woman left standing, and you are. Logically, you U-turn teams that are stronger. The cowboys should have been U-turned. You can't seem to think logically. I don't wanna hear 'sorry' from you."

Catie: Maybe y'all should've treated people a little bit nicer.

Brandy: Hey, I'm sorry. You can't handle it?

Catie: I AM handling it. Obviously, I'm the one standing here and not you.



Jeanene said...

I'm completely disappointed too. How dare Jordan be mean to my cowboys?!

Valerie said...

Exactly! Grrr...