AI winding down

Tonight we find out who will be in the Idol finale next week. I'm predicting Lee and Crystal, but you never know.....

First we have to go through an hour of fluff before we get the results. This includes performances by Justin Bieber and a new artist named Travis Garland. [I'm glad to hear he's a new artist. I was at the gym when the show was on live (I'm watching it on Tivo). I could see this guy performing and I felt really old because I had no idea who he was. Whew!]

So, my sister, mom and I had an email conversation earlier today about the show. It went something like this:
Mom: What did you think of the show tonight? Who do you think will win? I was surprised that Mike got dumped last week. What do you think happened?

Me: well, mike had been in the bottom before, so i wasn't too surprised. i think the final two will be lee and crystal, but i'm not sure who will win. i'll be happy either way. i thought it'd be crystal until tonight. lee did so well!
[Note: I tend to skip capitalization in email...)
Deb: I also wasn't surprised Mike got voted off. Folks love their country singers so Casey gets a lot of those votes. Based on last night I think Idol wants Lee to win. His last performance was amazing, but he also got an amazing song, great lighting and a dramatic group of background singers. Didn't seem very fair if you ask me. But, perhaps they control that on their own and Casey and Crystal decided not to go all out. I'd be happy if either won, but Lee needs a bit more personality - they actually all do. They're a bit ho-hum.

Mom: I agree about the ho-hum personalities, and that was the big thing Mike had going for him. I did think that he was getting a bit big headed. One week Crystal seemed like "I didn't know what I was getting into". I don't think she will be upset if she loses. All of them will probably get some kind of contract!

Deb: Can you imagine the finale if any of them when. They'll have a straight face, maybe a slight smile and that's about it. Mike would have given the best reaction upon winning. He'd probably grab Ryan and throw him into the audience. Hahahaha!
Back to the show. Ryan just spent about 8 minutes talking to the Idolettes about their experience on the show. There were no new or exciting revelations. Contestants say the same thing every year--I never thought I'd make it this far, you have no idea how much work goes into it, yada, yada, yada.

Then there's the Ford commercial that was reminiscent of A-ha's Take On Me video.

Now we get to see the contestants' visits home which explains why we didn't see much last night. Now we see the crowds. That must be a little surreal a a contestant.

When Casey went home to Texas, he went to a hospital in Fort Worth to thank those who saved his life when he was in a car accident six years ago. He later performed for a huge crowd, but we didn't get to hear it.

Okay, here's Travis Garland. He's another YouTube discovery. The guy who "discovered" him said he's better than Justin Timberlake. Um. No. Fast forward.

Now Crystal goes homes to Ohio. She signed some guy's chest, and she told him, "You better bathe." He told her, "Oh no, this is going to be a tattoo." She gave him a look, and he said, "I'm serious." Oh lord. The mayor of Toledo, dressed in Harley gear, gave Cyrstal a key to the city. They held an event called Bowerstock where she performed. Nice reception.

Lee went home to Chicago. He visited his elementary school...talking about screaming little girls! Wow. How cute. He threw out the first pitch at a Cubs game. And he visited the paint store where he used to work. Then a big parade and performance, where he got choked up while singing "The Boxer." Awww...

And now Justin Bieber and his hair perform. All the women in the audience, who are WAY too old for him, are swooning. If I were 25 years younger, I might be swooning too, but not now. Oh, he plays drums too, huh? That's nice.

This reminds me--have you seen the YouTube video of the 6th grader singing Lady Gaga at a school performance? Stay tuned to the end of this post.

Finally, seven minutes left in the show and we get to the results. Ryan says:
After the nationwide vote, the first person in next week's finale is.....

The crowd goes wild!
Joining Lee for a shot at the Title, is...

Crystal seemed so surprised, and then when she went to join Lee, she gave him a HUGE hug, and even wrapped her leg around him. Hmmm...

So, Casey has to say goodbye. He was very gracious, and performed "Daughters" one more time...no guitar this time. And it's a great performance. He picked up a little girl, and sang with her sitting next to him. Maybe it's his niece?, Anyway, it was a sweet ending. If Casey puts out a blues album, I'll buy it immediately.

So next week's the finale. Who will it be???

Oh, here's that YouTube video I mentioned earlier. The kid's pretty impressive.


Kerri said...

okay, i gotta make a few comments:

1. yes! that kid greyson, is pretty damn amazing!

2. i so agree with you, that travis guy is NO justin timberlake. i didn't fast forward. i just watched with a ugly look on my face. yuck.

3. lee has won me over lately. i think he's getting really excited and thinking he can win. i think he will.

4. casey was really laid back and cool singing his final song and picking up the little girl and all- he's from cool, texas. so fitting!

i LOVE your AI posts. i'm going to miss reading them after next week!!

Valerie said...

Awww...thanks Kerri! You should start watching So You Think You Can Dance and then follow those posts too! ;o)

Also, regarding #2 above, I didn't realize the guy Ryan talked to before this Travis kid came out was Perez Hilton. He looks so different every time I see him. Anyway, I already thought he was an idiot, but that comment about Justin Timberlake further proved it.