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Wow, we're really getting close to the end aren't we. Only six contestants left on American Idol, and tonight they're being mentored by Shania Twain, and singing her songs.

First up is Lee - he did a nice job with "You're Still the One." Judges liked it--Kara liked that he actually smiled a few times while singing, while Simon commented that he was making strange facial expressions.

Mike - "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" - Shania was moved to hear his voice to her lyrics. Mike sounded good, but I didn't love the song. Ellen said it was like Luther Vandross singing. Kara liked that he connected to the song and put his mark on it. Simon agreed with the Luther comparison, but he thought the performance was "wet." Supposedly meaning, it was a little "girly" for Mike. Whatever. Shania loved it.

Casey said he was going to change it up tonight, and actually "sing." He sang a lot more than in the past (no guitar solos), and he did a GREAT job. Last week he got dinged for not doing anything different. His song tonight was "Don't." He kept his eyes closed for the last half of the song--maybe he felt uncomfortable because he was sitting behind the judges and so close to the audience. Randy said it was one of Casey's best performances EVER. Ellen said it was THE best. Kara liked that he was vulnerable and raw. Simon said last week was a much needed wake up call, and agreed that it was his best performance so far.

Crystal sings "No One Needs to Know." Crystal says it's a message to her boyfriend, and says he'll "man up, one of these days." Sounds like she wants to marry him someday. That was a cute song, and she did a nice job. I agree with Randy though, that it wasn't my favorite performance. He liked that it was actually a country version of Shania's song. First one we've heard tonight, really. Simon said it was limp, and that it reminded him of a performance in a coffee shop where you don't want the performer to sing to you. The judges still really like her, but this wasn't her favorite. Crystal said she had a great time with the performance. The boyfriend was in the audience--he's cute!

Aaron's next. I'm already not looking forward to it as we go into commercial break. He'll be singing, "You've Got a Way." I'm realizing that Shania's advice to all the contestants tonight was some variation of "connect with the song and show the audience who you are." That's basically what she told Aaron too. This song is good for Aaron--dang it, I didn't want to like it, but he did a really nice job. Randy said this was his "wheel house." Huh? Ellen liked the amount of emotion and depth he showed. Kara agreed. Simon said he really struggled the last couple of weeks, but tonight he was like a different artist. Simon said it was sincere and believable, and that it didn't sound like he was singing someone else's song.

Siobhan's singing Shania's first #1 hit, "Any of Man of Mine." She sounds great on this song except for on some of the very low notes. She did her big scream at the end and was on key this time. (She hasn't been the last few times she did it.) Randy loved it. Ellen said, "Way to pull the Shania 'Twain' into the station." Kara said, "Guess who's back?!" Simon said he really liked it despite his not really liking country music. I'm with Simon.

Wow...it's going to be hard to choose this week. NO ONE performed badly, so in ranking the performances, I have to do it based on how much I liked it, versus how well or badly the songs were performed. So:

6. Mike (sorry Mike--I still need you in the competition for my pool!)
5. Aaron
4. Lee
3. Crystal
2. Siobhan
1. Casey

Wow...this might be the first time Casey's been first, definitely the first time Crystal's been lower than the top 2. (I'm too lazy to go back and check.) Should be interesting tomorrow night.

Now it's time for Glee, and I'm happy!

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