On TV tonight

I watched "Who Do You Think You Are" tonight. This week's episode featured Susan Sarandon, who was trying to track down what happened to her maternal grandmother, who apparently was a dancer at the Copacabana. She learned that after her grandmother abandoned Susan's mom and family, she remarried, but never had any other children. Susan found some nieces from the grandmother's brother-in-law, and met with them, and got an idea of who this lady was. What I was thinking as I watched is, how would I react if a famous movie star knocked on my door and announced that we're connected in some way. That must be overwhelming, but the nieces took it in stride. That'd be so cool.

In other news, I was watching Real Time with Bill Maher. Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a guest, and in case you don't know, Al Pacino is playing the doctor in a movie called You Don't Know Jack which debuts tomorrow. My thoughts about this is, how would it feel to learn that AL PACINO is playing you in a movie? That must be quite a feeling. Also, in case you're wondering, Dr. Kevorkian says the worse thing about prison is the snoring. !

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