Idol gives back night

Tonight's Idol is the special Idol Gives Back night where they raise money for charity causes in the United States and in Africa. At the same time we'll also find out who's eliminated. So far, Casey and Aaron are in the bottom two, Crystal and Lee are safe. It's down to Mike, Tim and Siobhan, but first we have a great performance from Joss Stone (love her!) and Jeff Beck doing "I Put a Spell on You."

Before this, the show started with a welcome from the Obamas. Then we had the terrible, lip-synched group song, done by the Top 12. The chorus sounds just like Cyndi Lauper's "All through the Night." Everyone's wearing white--at least they all look nice.

After that Jennifer Garner went to a small town in West Virginia to show how the "Save the Children" program is helping. It's interesting that Jennifer is from West Virginia, and occasionally during this spot, you hear a little W.Va. twang in her voice. Cute.

The Black Eyed Peas performed "I Wanna Rock Right Now." I've decided that although I love their albums, I don't like hearing them live. Their live performances are always a bit of a mess. Tonight was no exception.

There were a couple of bad comedy bits thrown in. The first with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. The other with George Lopez, whose shtick just ain't that funny.

Alicia Keys performed and then COMMON WAS ON STAGE to introduce Carrie Underwood. I LOVE HIM. (Please see previous post.)

They also featured various episodes of where the Idol charities help out. Ellen went to a food bank with David Arquette, who does a lot of work with a charity called Feeding America. I was struck by how mature he seemed. He's always so goofy in movies and interviews I've seen. When did he grow up?

Wanda Sykes did a bit of stand-up. Unfortunately, not that funny.

Then it's time for more drama. Who will join Aaron and Casey in the bottom three? Siobhan, Mike or Tim? It's Tim. America seems to have agreed with my rankings last night.

David Cook (still love him!) comes out to talk about his charity work in Ethiopia.

Annie Lennox was supposed to be on the show, but couldn't travel because of the Icelandic volcano. Oh wow--several months ago, Annie visited with a very sick HIV-positive little girl, and now that the little girl has had proper treatments and care, she's doing so well. Wow. That really got me.

Next up is Mary J Blige and lots of other people, including Randy Jackson, doing "Stairway to Heaven." Go Mary! They worked it out!

Simon reports on the Children's Health Fund's work in southern Arizona through use of a mobile health unit. Nice.

Elton John comes out discusses his work to raise awareness and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. He performs "Your Song" on a fancy red grand piano. Love this song.

And now it's time to find out who got the fewest amount of votes. (Next week is Shania Twain week--I don't really like country week, but at least a lot of her stuff crosses over to pop and I'll be familiar with it.)

OK, the first person's who's safe is Aaron. The person leaving is TIM URBAN!! FINALLY!!!! This will help my pool--woo-hoo!

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