From 6 to 5

Came in to Idol late, and the show wasn't recording. Boo. When I turned it on, Lady Antebellum was performing. I do like them. Then, I THINK Ryan said we'll learn the fate of Casey, Mike and Siobhan. I don't know if that means they're the bottom three, or if we haven't heard anything about their placement yet. (I wasn't watching the screen at the time, so I don't kow if they were by the weird chairs or not.)

Now, Shakira and her weird voice is performing with Rascal Flatts. The song's okay, but her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

Okay, Mike, Casey & Siobhan ARE in the bottom three. I'm surprised about Casey--he was the best last night that he's ever been. Ryan announces that Mike is safe. I was surprised about that too. I thought he was in danger. I'm afraid Siobhan's going to go and then I have to face the virtual screams of joy from some friends who can't stand her. OR, there could be screams of despair if Casey goes, because they love him.

Dang. It's Siobhan. This really screws up my pool because I had her at #2. Oh well....

She sang "Think" as her swan song and did a great job. Lisa de Moraes in the Washington Post pointed out that Siobhan didn't get a chance to respond to the judges critique last night, which is what she does really well. Could that have lead to her being voted off? We'll never know.

Now we're down to five: Crystal, Mike, Aaron, Lee and Casey

We'll see what happens.

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