American Idol night

The top 9 are performing tonight. Even more exciting than that is that Glee's back at 9:28pm. (Huh?)

Looks like they'll be singing Elvis tunes. And, Adam Lambert is their mentor. Yay! He looks good. I miss him. Adam's the first contestant to come back and mentor the contestants. He says he wants to give honest but constructive criticism.

Crystal's up first. She's singing "Saved." Woo!! She did awesome! The crowd's on their feet. Judges loved it too. Simon said it's a lyric he can relate to "Lying, cheating..." Har, har, har. Simon liked that she didn't choose an obvious song, chose something that suited her and was unexpected, and didn't fall into the karaoke trap, which he fears some others will do tonight. (Did I hear Tim's name?)

Andrew's doing "Hound Dog." After he sang it the first time, Adam told him it was boring. So, he's going to twist it up. Let's see how it goes. He added a bit of a latin beat...hmmm. I fear the judges will say that made it sound old fashioned. His voice sounds good though...just not sure about the arrangement. Randy said it was definitely not-good karaoke. Ellen liked it though. Kara wanted to feel more. Simon said it was lazy and unpredictable. He thinks that Andrew's "coolness" has been sucked out of him.

Tim's singing, "Can't Help Falling in Love." Adam suggested that he sing in falsetto at the end. His voice sounds a little shaky tonight. Ryan's dancing with some big man in the audience which drew a bit of a chuckle from the audience, which I don't think is fair to Tim. He didn't take Adam's advice, and sang in his regular voice at the end. It was just okay for me, dawg. BUT. Randy "actually liked it." Ellen thought it was beautiful. Kara said it was her favorite Tim performance ever. Simon said he went from "zero to hero." I guess I'm just over Tim and didn't hear what the judges heard.

Lee's up and he's singing, "A Little Less Conversation." Adam gave him advice about performing to the crowd with his facial expressions. His voice sounds awesome on this song. He did a great job! Randy said "you are definitely in the zone, dude." Ellen said it sounded like a brand new song--and liked that he's showing more confidence. Kara loved that he really went for it tonight. Simon said it was "on the money."

Aaron's doing "Blue Suede Shoes." Aaron looks even younger standing next to Adam, who's about two feet taller. Adam told Aaron to get to the growl in his voice. I think Aaron just did a hip swagger. Oh no...he shouldn't be doing dance moves. He was okay...again, I'm over him so couldn't really enjoy it. Randy liked the 2nd half of the song. Ellen & Kara liked it. Simon said it was like someone at a high school doing a concert at the end. He thought it was karaoke. Simon wasn't crazy about it.

Siobhan and Adam are wearing the same hairdo tonight. Slicked back on the sides, and poofed up on top. Siobhan's singing "Suspcious Minds." Adam suggested she sing it a bit more up tempo. She's sounding good tonight! She made up for the last couple of weeks. Randy liked the second half where her big vocals came out. Ellen too. Kara's confused by her two voices. Simon thought first part of song was terrible and that the big notes were screechy.

Big Mike is up with "In the Ghetto." Mike did a great job with that song. Very heartfelt. It was great. Adam Lambert gave him a standing "O." Randy said it was a little sleepy, but his vocals were hot. Ellen's glad they saved him. Kara said he sang it well. Simon said it was one of his favorite performance that Mike's done.

Anytime I hear this song, this is what I hear:

(That's my favorite South Park episode, by the way. Am I to understand there will be no side dishes?)

Katie's doing "Baby, What You Want Me To Do?" Perfect song based on the critiques received from the judges over the last few weeks. She sounds great tonight too. Randy said, "Nice vocals. I was entertained." Ellen said, "It's a very horny song." Then after the crowd's reaction, she clarified, "There are a lot of horns in it!" Ellen & Kara liked it. Simon did not. He thought it was too loud.

Last up is Casey. If he picks the right song, he should shine tonight. He chose "Lawdy Miss Clawdy." I liked the hat Casey was wearing in his rehearsal with Adam. Good look. I'm not familiar with this song, but I like it. Casey did a good job. Randy said it wasn't anything different, but it was a solid performance. Ellen said it wasn't as exciting as she would've liked. Kara said it fell short. Simon called it a wasted opportunity, but called his vocal good.

My rankings:

9. Aaron
8. Tim
7. Andrew
6. Siobhan
5. Casey
4. Katie
3. Lee
2. Mike
1. Crystal

Since the judges saved Mike last week, this week, two contestants will be saying goodbye. (Tim and Aaron, please!) We'll see tomorrow!

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