Results night on American Idol

The group song was I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. They sang pretty well as a group, but they need to work on the choreography and stage maneuverings. It was kinda painful to watch the kid with the mullet.

The guys were the first to go: John Parks and Jermaine Sellers. Interesting that both sang so much better tonight than they did last night. I've seen that happen before--I think the pressure is off so they can go back to being themselves. I wish them luck.

Danny Gokey was back to perform his new single. He's gone the country route, which I'm sad about because I think he's a great R&B singer. Apparently Randy Travis approached him after the show and asked if Danny ever considered country music. He said that he had been influenced by it as a child, and decided to give it a try. In any case, it was good to see him. He looked and sounded good.

Time for the girls. First to go is Michelle--I was right about her. At the beginning of the show, Simon admitted that he had complimented someone the night before, but when he watched it back after the show, he had to turn off the TV. He wouldn't name names though. Then, Kara made a comment that she though Michelle would be in jeopardy because in watching the playback she realized she sang sharp the whole time and it really wasn't good. I suspect this is who Simon was talking about too, because he agreed with Kara. Let the record show that right off the bat I said she wasn't good. She wasn't good tonight either. America made the right decision.

The second girl to go was Haeley. I was wrong on my prediction--I thought it was going to be Lacey because I thought America would feel bad for Haeley and keep her around one more week. America got this one right too. Haeley just wasn't good last night. Oh gosh...Haeley sang even worse tonight because she was signing through tears. Poor thing.... Please just let it cut to commercial. Oh god....it was bad. I feel terrible for her. She's going to hate seeing this. Aw.

Alright, next week we're down to the top 8 guys and top 8 girls.

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