Let's see who the Top 9 are

Tonight's Idol elimination show starts off with a ridiculous tie-in to a Clash of the Titans* movie preview. Why???

Let's see how much I'll fast forward through tonight. I fast forwarded through all the introductions and listened to Ruben Studdard sing. I think he's slimmed down a bit. In fact, his suit looked two sizes too big. And I just love his smile and dimples. He sounds good, too. Wow--they said he was on SEVEN years ago. Ryan commented on his weight loss and he said he's a vegan now. Is that what I need to do?? Anyway, Ruben's touring with Clay Aiken this summer too.

It just dawned on me that there was no group sing. Are the producers actually listening to the critics??

FF'ing through the Ford music video. (Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting....)

Big Mike is wearing a pink hair extension on the back of his bald head. Why? Don't know.

More FF'ing through the kids' attendance to the Clash of the Titans premiere.

Now we get to the nitty-gritty.

Lee, Casey, Aaron, and Siobhan are safe.

Katie is not.

Usher performs. Love watching him dance. His singing I can take or leave. Will.i.am came out too.

Didi's also in the bottom three. (No surprise.) Tim was sitting right next to Didi, but instead of going to him next, Ryan went to Big Mike. I suspect Tim's also in the bottom three. Yep. Mike and Andrew are safe. Tim's in the bottom three.

Ryan brings back one person--Katie is safe.

Diddy performs for the first time on the Idol stage! (I'm not that excited about it, but Ryan was.) Good performance. I like watching Diddy dance too.

We find out that Tim is safe and Didi is in danger of going home tonight--she'll have a chance to sing for her life. I don't think the judges will waste a save on her. She's singing Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon. And she's still not singing it well. I feel kinda bad for her--it'd be hard to sing after learning you had the fewest amount of votes. I think instead of singing, she should be in ads modeling mascara and eye makeup. Her eyes are so pretty.

Simon says they're not going to save her, and commended her for sounding much better than last night. The Idolettes say goodbye to Didi.

I need to go check my pool now. I think I had her to go this week, but I don't remember.

*Oh, about Clash of the Titans. I saw the original cheesy movie during a pool party at school in 7th or 8th grade. I remember thinking it was so cool to watch a movie while sitting in an inner tube! The movie was SO bad though....

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