We interrupt this blog...

The Olympics have completely usurped all of my TV time, so I won't be commenting on American Idol until they're over, other than to say my favorite guy (so far) made it to the top 24 last week, so I'm happy. Look out for Andrew Garcia. Here's his rendition of "Straight Up" that he did during Hollywood week.

While we're at it, here's one of my favorite girls (again, I must stipulate: so far):

See ya after the Olympics!


kerri said...

yes, valerie- the olympics has been sucking up my tv time as well. but i've still been keeping up with idol and celebrity rehab--- i'm feeling like a complete tv junkie!

all i've got to say right now is GO APOLO!!

Valerie said...

Amen to that! GO APOLO! Did you by chance catch a clip they showed of him last week where he was running without his shirt on? Oh man! :o)

I forgot to tell you I've been watching Celebrity Rehab too. Hard to stop watching once you've started.