Super Bowl Ads

My thoughts on the Super Bowl ads. I had a couple of chuckles.

  • Boost Mobile - Chicago Bears Shuffling Crew doin' it again. It was a preview for the Boost Mobile ad that prompted me to post the Super Bowl Shuffle the other day. Though tonight's commercial wasn't great, it was kinda fun to see those guys together again.

  • CBS: Dave Letterman says, "This is the worst Super Bowl Party ever." Camera view widens a bit, and you see he's talking to Oprah, who says, "Oh, Dave, be nice." View widens even more and you see that Jay Leno's sitting on the other side of Oprah. He says, "He's just saying that because I'm here." Then Dave mimics Jay in a high-pitched voice.

  • Budweiser: Cute Clydesdale commercial with the pony and calf becoming friends, and then seeing each other years later as a Budweiser Clydesdale and a bull. (Baby animals get me every time.)

  • My fave of the night:

Other comments:

  • e*Trade: they had several baby commercials tonight. In my opinion, none topped last year's:

  • Go Daddy: BAER. (This is a new acronym I learned on a message board. It stands for BIG-ASS EYE ROLL.) Seriously?!


Jeanene said...

What about the Snickers ad with Betty White????? Hilarious!

Valerie said...

Oh yes, that was good. I must not have been paying that much attention when it was on though, because I didn't see Abe Vigoda get hit until they showed it on the Today Show this morning. Funny!