To see or not to see?

I've been torn about seeing Avatar. I'm not really interested in it at all, yet people are talking about it all over the place, and it will probably have some Oscar nominations, so if I stick with my Oscar time traditions, I'll have to see it. A friend told me that the story is just "eh" but that the special effects were worth it. That seems to be the consensus.

I was finally leaning toward seeing it, in 3D and all--maybe even at an IMAX theater--until I talked to a coworker today. He saw it at an IMAX theater, from the 3rd row, and got motion sickness that lasted two days. I started to get a bit headache-y just hearing him talk about it. Don't forget that I got seasick at an AQUARIUM! [Oh shoot--I just did a quick search of my blog and it seems I never told that story. More on that later.] Anyway, now I'm back to debating on whether to go or not. If I do, I'll skip the 3D, methinks. Oh, and same coworker was at a restaurant and heard someone in the men's room who sounded pretty bad off. My coworker asked if the guy was okay--he was...he was just feeling sick from having seen AVATAR!

Now, about that aquarium. Last year I celebrated New Year's with my friend Jeanene in Atlanta. We went to the Atlanta aquarium. There's a huge tank that goes from floor to ceiling and in order to see it, you can either get onto a slow-moving sidewalk that takes you through, or you can walk through on your own. Jeanene and I chose to walk because the moving sidewalk was full. As we were going along, I happened to look down, and saw where the sidewalk was moving, but it felt like I was moving. The motion sickness hit right away and I never really recovered. (I like to say it was sea-sickness since we were surrounded by water.) After a while, I was still feeling pretty nauseated, so we gave up and went to the cafeteria so I could get some ginger ale. When we got home, I ate some crackers, took a nap, and then felt much better. Now, I ask you? Who gets seasick at an aquarium?

Yeah. This is why I won't be seeing Avatar in 3D.


Erika said...

Now, I haven't seen the 2-D version of Avatar, so I can't say with authority that it can't measure up to the 3-D version, but I have seen the 3D version twice. No motion sickness for me, but I also don't tend to get it. I think the best way I would describe the ideal viewing environment for Avatar would be on a BIG screen (so, not your flat-screen at home). The world that Cameron created on Pandora is visually very interesting, and I think there are details that would be lost if seen for the first time on a smaller screen. So, my advice would be, if you're going to see it at all, see it in the theater. The storyline is completely unoriginal, but I can say that about dozens of movies that I have enjoyed thoroughly in my lifetime. I think there are only about five core story themes to tell anyway, and every story told is just a rumination and a variation on those themes (I made up the number 5, but I wouldn't be surprised if the number of archetypal stories were quite small). I overheard someone coming out of a showing saying it was Pocohantas crossed with Dances With Wolves -- I didn't see Disney's Pocohantas, but I would say the themes of those two movies/stories are prominent in Avatar.

Anyway, just my two cents. I think most movies that are made these days can be viewed just as well in a home environment,and doing so can avoid all the obnoxious people who tend to make life hell for me in the movie theater environment. I, personally, would not put Avatar in that category of film -- if you're interested in seeing it, then see it in a theater. Otherwise, skip it.

kerri said...

this is so not my kind of movie, but after hearing all the hoopla, i had to go see what it was all about.

imax was sold out, so we went to another theater and saw it in 3d.

everyone i was with loved it. but not me. visually stunning, otherwise, i was not into it. and it seemed quite long.

i'm much more excited to see "leap year" this weekend which is much more my type of movie...

the 3d part wasn't dizzying or anything, but still, i think it's not the phenomenon everyone seems to be saying it is...

Allyssa said...

Well, I know I already mentioned this, but yeah, if I were you, I wouldn't see it in 3D. I wasn't throwing-up sick from it, but I did end up with a headache and nauseated feeling for the rest of the day. I almost felt like I shouldn't be driving!