And the winner is not 30 Rock!

Glee's win for Best Comedy/Musical Series was my favorite announcement last night...I was so happy they won, and that 30 Rock did not win. (I have to admit though, Modern Family is edging Glee out as my favorite show right now. They were nominated too, so that was good.

Toni Collette won for Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical for The United States of Tara, so no Tina Fey. (Though, I think of Tara as being more of a drama, but oh well.) Alec Baldwin still won in his category--poor Steve Carrell...I really think he deserves that award.

Best speech came from Meryl Streep who won Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical for Julie/Julia. She spoke of how her mother influence her portrayal of Julia Childs as much as Julia Childs did. Then she said,
I come to Golden Globes weekend and I am conflicted how to have my happy movie self in the face of everything I'm aware of in the real world, and that's when I have my mother's voice coming to me: Partners in Health, shoot some money to Partners In Health, and be damn grateful you have the dollars to help....And I am grateful. I'm really grateful."--Meryl Streep as quoted from the Huffington Post.
I was also happy that Drew Barrymore won Best Actress for Mini-Series or Made for TV Movie for her role as Little Edie in Grey Gardens. It struck me when she said she's been coming to this awards ceremony since she was seven years old. Wow. What a career she's had. I was also happy to see that she was there with Justin Long--I guess they're back together.

I didn't take notes while watching, so this is really all that comes to mind right now. Oh, and that Helen Mirren looked AMAZING.

In other news, I finally saw The Blind Side last night. I didn't LOVE it, but I liked it quite a bit. Sandra Bullock won a Golden Globe last night for her role, which kind of surprised me, but good for her. I thought Quinton Aaron did a good job as Michael Oher--he really seemed like a gentle giant. It was a nice movie.

And finally, time for the annual viewing of the King Holiday video. Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.


kerri said...

valerie, valerie, valerie!! we, as usual, are in agreement with pretty much all of what was said in your post. i love modern family, too! my favorite new show for sure!! i DO wish steve carrell could've won also- and i think you should have to be present to win!

the ONLY thing i felt different about was drew- i don't buy into her gushy acceptance- she seems insincerely naive to me. just before they announced it i said, "please let it be anybody but drew". she just really drives me nuts.

hey-- alert! alert! alert!

Valerie said...

Hey Kerri! I hear ya about Drew--it seems people either like her or hate her. I've always liked her, but I must say, the main reason I was pulling for her to win that award is because it was the only performance I actually saw out of the five. And, when I saw footage of the real Little Edie, I realized that Drew had her down pat. If you closed your eyes, you might not be able to tell which was which. I thought that was some pretty good acting.

As for Celebrity Rehab--no, who's on? I only saw it the first season with Jeff Conaway. It's like watching a train wreck. I love Dr. Drew though. (Another Drew--is that what made you think of it? Haha!)

Allyssa said...

I agree that Drew did a spot-on imitation of Edie. It was crazy. I've decided I might need to start watching Glee or Modern Family. I don't really have time to add more TV watching, but I might be giving in to the hype!