Russell won SYTYCD! I'm so happy for him! The whole show went just as it should. The rundown was:

6th place - Ryan
5th - Ashleigh
4th - Ellenor
3rd - Kathryn
2nd - Jakob
1st - RUSSELL!!!

That was a perfect ending.

In other news, I'm so sick, sick, sick of hearing about Tiger Woods. Instead of talking about that, I thought I'd mention a couple of other stories I heard on the news recently.

This morning I heard about a four-year-old who decided to give away his Christmas toys to kids at a hospital. The little boy was born at that hospital and spent time in there due to health complications. Apparently when he saw pictures of himself in the hospital, he decided he wanted to help out the kids who are still there. Ummm...yeah, the news brought a tear to my eye at 6am this morning. How sweet is that? We need more kids like that.

I also heard a heartbreaking story about a little girl and her dog. Someone stole her dog out of the yard. The little girl wrote a letter to Santa saying all she wants is for him to find her dog. Jeez. The girl's grandmother didn't have the heart to tell the little girl that her request might be outside of Santa's scope. THANKFULLY, someone turned the dog in to the police department and the family and dog have been reunited. Yay Santa!

And today there's a story about a young woman who was abandoned on a doorstep as an infant. Two teenagers found her and got help. The baby was adopted and 20 years later, she found her rescuers on Facebook and sent a note to thank them. Nice, heart-warming story.

Finally, a couple of laughs. I usually fast-forward through commercials, but I have caught several funny holiday commercials this year. To wit:

The kid on the couch cracks me up, and I think what I really love about this commercial is that it's something we'd totally do to my dad.


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