I am SO friggin' annoyed that Ryan and Ashleigh made it to the SYTYCD finale. I think America gave them the sympathy vote.

Ashleigh couldn't dance last night because during rehearsals, her shoulder had come out of the socket. Despite that, they gave her a phone number and told America they can still vote for Ashleigh based on her work the entire season. I didn't, and wouldn't, vote for her because I've never liked her--not since auditions.

Then, later in the show when Cat was giving out Ryan's phone number, he interrupted and made a tearful and emotional plea for people to please call and vote for his wife. That was sweet, but...my cynical side can't help but think that Ryan knew exactly what he was doing and America's votes fell right into his and his wife's hands.

Mollee was FANTASTIC last night, and I just don't think it's quite fair that she's out of the finale and someone who didn't even dance is in.

In addition, I'm really pissed that Ryan kept my man Legacy out of the finale. Legacy is SOOOOO much more dynamic (and my god, have you seen him shirtless?!).

Oh well, as usual, America f'd it up. I'm not surprised really. It's completely typical.

So, in the finale we have Russell (yay!), Ellenor (yay!), Jakob (yay!), Kathryn (yay!), Ryan (boo!) and Ashleigh (boo!). Deep in my heart, I'm pulling for Russell who, seemingly, can do anything. I think Jakob is the best technical dancer and I love him too. After that I'll be happy with anyone except Ashleigh or Ryan winning.

Interesting that the finale has the Top 6 versus the Top 4 as in previous seasons. Looking forward to see what else they're changing.

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