American Music Awards Round Up

The AMAs were on last night. I thought about doing a blow-by-blow post, but I watched Amazing Race, instead (go Globetrotters!), and then caught up on the AMAs on Tivo. This is a great way to watch becasue you can fast forward through what you don't want to see (Perez Hilton, or Taylor Swift's 4th acceptance speech) and watch and rewatch and rewatch what you DO want to see (Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance of "Empire State of Mind.") Oh, and did J-Lo fall?! Yep, she sure did! Thanks Instant Replay!

So, as I hinted above, my favorite performance was Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. My sister has been singing, "New York...New York...New York" for a couple of weeks now, but somehow, her version just didn't do it for me. The live version on the AMAs was fantastic.

I also enjoyed Janet Jackson's lip-synced intro, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, and though I didn't care much for the song she sang, it was great to see Whitney Houston back in the limelight. She looked amazing in her slinky white dress.

There wasn't anything I particularly hated. Lady Gaga and Eminem didn't do much for me, but I also didn't fast forward through them. I even enjoyed Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood, and I am the furthest thing from a country fan that you'll ever find.

And THEN we get to Adam Lambert. I was shocked at his performance last night which involved S&M costumes, simulated oral sex and a male-male kiss. But, I wasn't shocked in a "eww, that's gross" kind of way--I was more shocked in a "oh my god, i can't believe he did that!" kind of way. I think there's a difference. In other words, I wasn't disgusted like many people on Twitter seemed to be, but I was surprised. And highly amused. I also watched this one a couple of times.

I read on RollingStone.com that there was discussion on whether any of Adam's performance would be censored for the West Coast viewing. I think Adam made a very valid point in that he didn't do anything different than what Madonna or Britney have done in the past, and they weren't censored. Touché. For what it's worth, it seems the West Coast got to see the kiss, but not the simulated oral sex. I guess that's a fair compromise. It was pretty raunchy after all. [Oohh...just read on RS that the West Coast also didn't get to see J-Lo's fall...intersting!]

In other news, am I the only person watching the show Trauma on NBC? I watch this show, and I *think* I enjoy it, but honestly, I sometimes feel it's going to put me into some sort of trauma.

The show is about an ambulance rescue squad in San Francisco. Any time the scene cuts to new characters you haven't seen before, you know that something HORRIBLE is about to happen to them. The anticiaption of this trauma makes my heart beat faster. It's like hearing the ominous music in a horror film.

Last week, they showed a group of co-eds playing softball. The male pitcher was taunting the female batter, who wasn't very good. She got two strikes, and then the guy taunted her even more--he was really obnoxious. He pitches the ball, she slams it straight to his forehead! Another time, a kid and his mom were at a flea market. They separated while the kid looked at one stand, and the mom looked at another. Suddenly, a car comes ploughing through--kid is spared, mom is seriously injured. Oh! And one time, a guy was arguing with a contractor about work being done on his house. They were both standing on scaffolding, and suddenly the homeowner loses his balance, falls 10-15 feet to the ground. He lands on his back and with some sort of metal pole piercing his chest. Man--that one was really bad.

Anyway, I know this is done up for TV, but I can only imagine what rescue squads really see on a day-to-day basis. I don't think know I couldn't handle it. I really like one of the main characters "Rabbit" -- he's a helicopter rescuer who's a rebel, yet has a good heart. I also like the comraderie between Derek Luke's character and his partner who is played by the guy from Friday Night Lights who was in the wheelchair and became friends/roommates with the injured quarterback. (Apparently, I can't be bothered today to look these things up--sorry about that!)

And finally, the Curb Your Enthusiasm season finale was on last night. In case you hadn't heard, the cast of Seinfeld was featured this season. The storyline was that they were back together to film a reunion show to make up for the bad series ending. It was well done and fun to see that group together again. Try to catch it (and last week's show, if you can) on HBO's On Demand.

Ciao for now.

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kerri said...

yay! finally someone who isn't over-reacting about adam lambert. thank you.