Tonight's the first night of competition and due to the World Series starting tomorrow, the judges will eliminate one guy and one girl tonight. America won't have the opportunity to chime in, and there will be no results show this week.

Nigel said he's still trying to get Paula Abdul on the show. He said she can judge, she can dance, or she can choreograph--it's up to her. She has an open invitation.

Sounds like it's been a rough week on SYTYCD. Nigel mentioned that Billy Bell became ill this week, and he won't be returning to the show this season. That's such a shame because Billy is SO talented--I was looking forward to seeing him perform. Brandon Dumlao will join the cast in Billy's place. I don't remember who he is from the auditions. In addition, Noelle injured her knee and isn't dancing tonight. So, what does that mean for the pairs, I wonder? Oh, I should've listened further...Melanie, the choreographer, will stand in for her.

The first couple is Channing and Phillip, dancing jive choreographed by Jason Gilkison. "Rockin' Robin" by The Jackson 5. Cute routine. I think Phillip danced a little better than Channing who looked like she might be counting in her head a couple times. What do I know? Adam Shankman said she was lovely. Mary said "not bad." She also said Phillip got lazy as it went on. Nigel said Channing needed more bounce, both needed more sharpness in their "flick kicks" and that they need to build up on their chemistry.

Ashleigh and Jakob - "sultry" Broadway by Tyce Diorio. "Hit Me With a Hot Note (And Watch Me Bounce)" - Sophisticated Ladies (original soundtrack). Jakob is amazing! His jumps and leaps are outstanding--he had all the tricks in the routine. Ashleigh didn't have much to do. Adam complimented Tyce on the smart choreography, and told Ashleigh it's going to be tough working with Jakob because Jakob will hit it every time. Mary loved it. Nigel went on and on about how talented Jakob is--said he and Billy Bell are two of the most talented dancers he's ever seen. Nigel thinks Jakob will take Ashleigh far along too.

Ariana and Peter - hip-hop by Tabitha and Napoleon. They'll be playing androids with no emotion, who, for some reason when they get next to each other...bow chicka bow wow (as Tabitha put it). "Black & Gold" by Sam Sparro. She's a contemporary dancer, he's a tapper. That was a cute routine. Once again, I think the guy was a little stronger than the gal. Adam says they weren't dancing like each other. He said there wasn't enough tension, action and reaction. Adam said, "I want you to focus on the similarity of your musicality.....Ooh, I sounded like Lil C!" Haha! Mary thought the middle got a little sloppy. Nigel thought Peter got closer to the style than Ariana did--or in other words, Nigel agreed with me!

Noelle & Russell (but not really Noelle since she's sitting this one out) - Fox trot by Tony Meredith and Melanie Lapatin (who's dancing tonight). Wow...the pressure is on for Russell the Krumper! "Vagabond Shoes" by Vic Damone. I thought he was fantastic! I love the way he moves. He did a kick where his knee came to his nose. Adam said Russell continues to defy explanation. He said Russell had grace and elegance and style and smoothness--nothing seen in krumping. Adam also called it FANTASTIC! Mary said he has an "it" factor. Nigel said he's living proof about why we need to let kids experience dance in school. Mary & Nigel mentioned some things in his technique that could use some work, but both thought he did really well.

Bianca and Victor - contemporary by Travis Wall. (Travis!) "Wasted Time" by Me'Shell Ndegeocello. WOW...these two have chemistry. You can see it even though Victor's character is supposed to be ignoring Bianca most of the dance. Great performance from both of them. Adam gave props to Travis' choreography. Amen to that. He gave Bianca some tips to relax her shoulders and point her feet. He said Victor was a revelation. Mary thought Bianca conquered the style--she loved the passion and chemistry between her and Victor which was "off the charts." Nigel said it was the most connected performance between partners that we've seen tonight. Once again, the judges agree with me. (haha!)

Karen and Kevin - cha cha by Tony Meredtih and Melanie Lapatin. (Melanie was busy this week!) Karen's a Latin dancer, so she should do well. Kevin's a hip hop dancer. Now this is interesting--the song is Salt 'n' Pepa's "Push It" performed by the Glee cast. (Glee!) Not a lot of footwork from Kevin. In fact, I don't see much cha-cha'ing from either of them. Karen did a lot of hip shaking and sexy gyrating, but there wasn't much to it. Adam was all hot and bothered from Karen's performance, and he said, "for those who know me, that's not really my thing...." Mary said Karen was sharp, rhythmical, and sexy--like cha-cha should be. She said Kevin was rhythmical and sexy--needs to be a little sharper. Nigel felt Kevin danced it very well, and that Karen was a vision.

Ellenore and Ryan - contemporary from Sonya. They'll be playing two angelic creatures--one dark, overbearing (Ryan) and one pure, submissive, and he's trying to take over. "Aracdia" by Apparat. Wow...very powerful. They did so many lifts and were connected the whole time. Ryan's so strong and they had good chemistry. Adam said they just became the most exciting dancers on the show. Mary loved the chemistry between them. Nigel agreed. Said Ryan took him by surprise.

Pauline and Brandon (replacing Billy Bell) - smooth waltz, Jason Gilkison. Uh-oh...these are often trouble for the dancers. Especially when America is voting--hopefully it won't hurt them since it's the judges making the decision tonight. "You Light Up My Life" by Whitney Houston. Another good pairing...they look in love and like they light up each others lives. Oh, that was beautiful. Wow...Brandon just came on board a day and a half ago. Adam said Brandon needs to open up his upper body more in contemporary and ballroom. He loved Pauline's smile up at Brandon at one point that showed their strong chemistry. Mary said Pauline was elegant and beautiful and agreed with Adam about Brandon. Nigel said it was beautifully done, but technically, it wasn't strong enough. He felt Pauline didn't have enough extension. Sounded like he was laying the groundwork to let at least one of these two go.

Kathryn and Legacy - hip hop by Dave Scott. (I love Dave Scott--I think he's cute.) Anyway, it's supposed to be a humorous piece--we'll see. "On & On" by Missy Elliott. It was cute-- I thought they were both good. I like watching Legacy. Adam said it was hot and that their chemistry is fantastic. He thinks they can learn from each other. Mary screamed and screamed. In other words, she liked it. Nigel said Legacy brought it to life. And Kathryn's musicality brought it together too. He's looking forward to seeing this partnership develop across the season.

Mollee and Nathan - disco by Doriana Sanchez - "Turn the Beat Around (Pablo's 12" Remix) by Gloria Estefan. Looking forward to this--you know I love me some disco! MAN. That was HIGH ENERGY. Disco suited them very well. Adam complimented them on being the most adorable couple, and even though he's not a big fan of disco, he was a big fan of this number. Mary said it was really hard and these two pulled it off. She said the charisma is off the charts. Nigel said these two bring the fun to the competition.

After this two guys and two girls will have to perform solos, and then one of each will be cut. I'm guessing Ariana/Peter and Pauline/Brandon. Then, they'll cut Ariana and Brandon.

OK: decision time. Nigel says they're judging on everything they know since they've been in the competition, not just tonight's performances. They are:


Russell?!?!?! WTF. (Maybe they just want to see him Krump again....) I predicted 3/4 correctly though.

Ariana's first -- "Darkest Hour" by Charlotte Martin. She looked a little desperate, but then again, she IS desperate. She's very talented though.

Russell -- "Give the Drummer Sum" by Black Milk. He is just exciting to watch. Great performance.

Pauline -- "Magalenha" by Sergio Mendes. (I like this song a lot!) I don't think her performance was as strong as Ariana's.

Brandon -- "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" by John Mayer. Interesting song choice for a hip-hop dancer. Unfortunately, I don't think it allowed him to really showcase what he can do.

I think we'll be saying goodbye to Brandon and Pauline. (It's that damn waltz, I tell you.)

The judges have made their decision. For the girls, the judges were unanimous. He reassures the girls that they are amazing dancers. Pauline dances with charisma, but needs more passion. Ariana is going home. Dang...I was wrong. They said she's a strong dancer, but needs more charisma. He said she's a remarkable dancer.

For the guys: again, the judges were unanimous. They urge Russell to keep dancing and learning other styles. Brandon will be leaving us--Nigel said he's there due to an unfortunate sequence of events--he wasn't originally in the top 20 because he still needs to grow. The rules of the show say that once you've been on the show, you can't compete in the future--Nigel's going to talk to the producers to see if they can allow him to come back next year.

The show will be back next Tuesday. See you then. (Unless I come up with anything to blog about in the meantime...)

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