I love clever movies

My sister and I went to see Ricky Gervais' The Invention of Lying yesterday, and really enjoyed it. The premise is that Ricky's character lives in a world where everyone speaks from the heart and right off the top of their heads. No one is able to lie, and anything someone says is accepted as truth. At a restaurant, a waiter delivers a drink to Jennifer Garner's character and says, "I took a sip of this before I brought it to you." She just nods and takes her drink. Anyway, for some unexplained reason, Ricky Gervais develops the ability to lie. Once he realizes it, he starts to use lying to his advantage.

I don't think this gives anything away, but I'll put a SPOILER ALERT here just in case. Something happens in this movie that so clearly demonstrates the purpose of religion. As it was unfolding, I found myself grinning and I wanted to tap my sister and say, "See--that's what I mean!" I'll leave it at that. ***END SPOILER***

I do recommend this one. It's funny and thoughtful. If you like Ricky Gervais, you'll like this.


kerri said...

someone had told me their friend told them this movie wasn't good at all. even tho they like ricky and the office. fortunately, i went anyway.

now i'm wondering if that person was just religious and bothered that perhaps some of the ideas about what happend after we die was just an"invention" to make us all feel better about dying.

anyway, i thought it was funny. and a great one to see with someone so you can discuss afterwards. loved all the little cameos by people...and jason bateman's lines had me crying i was laughing so hard.

Valerie said...

Kerri, I'm glad you enjoyed it too. Good question about your friend possibly being bothered with the religious angle.

I'm hoping my mom will see it so we can discuss it. She's pretty faithful, yet also incredibly open-minded about it all.

The cameos were great--and I love Jason Bateman. My sis and I laughed most at the stained glass image in the "Place where people quietly think about the man in the sky."