Here we go again...

Yes, it's time again to start blogging about So You Think You Can Dance. It's Season 6, and the Top 20 were announced last week. Tonight is the first real introduction to them.

Cat Deely introduces the judges--Nigel, Mary and new permanent judge Adam Shankman. There's an empty chair next to Nigel for a guest judge whenever she's available. Nigel turns the chair around and it says "Paula Abdul." We'll see if she ever makes it on the show.

Tonight's show is just an exposition--no voting tonight. We'll see the dancers showcased in their own styles. That's cool.

Wade Robson choreographed the first performance to "Comanche" by The Revels. The dance takes place in a 1920s speakeasy. The whole group looks fantastic. Very impressive first dance.

Next up is a Tabitha & Napoleon routine performed by the season's hip hop dancers: Russell Ferguson (the Krumper), Kevin Hunte, and Jonathon Perez who goes by "Legacy." They dance to "Beggin' (District 78 Remix)" Madcon. These guys are awesome! Lotta cool tricks in that choregraphy.

The first set of contemporary dancers is up next to perform a routine by Tyce Diorio. We have: Channing Cooke, Jakob Karr, Ariana Debose, and Nathan Trasoras. The piece will be about how four people personalize sadness. They're performing to "Crying" by K.D. Lang. WOW. It was beautiful. The athleticism of the four of them was amazing, and when the judges talk about "beautiful lines," this is what they are talking about. I'm in love wih Nathan Trasoras, who makes it look so easy.

Now it's time for the tappers. They've never had tappers in the top 20 before and now there are three: Peter Sabasino, Bianca Revels, and Phillip Attmore. There's also a new choreographer for the tap routine, Derick K. Grant. "Take the 'A' Train" by Ella Fitzgerald is the song. The three of them look great--they have a lot of personality and look like they're having fun.

Jazz is up next. We have Mollee Gray, Pauline Mata, and Ellenore Scott. Sonya Tayeh is their choreographer. They'll be doing a "sexy" dance to "On A Cloud" by PPP. It was a cute routine, but not my favorite of the night. I really like watching Ellenore dance--she's gorgeous and my eyes were always drawn to her.

Now the second set of contemporary dancers: Victor Smalley, Noelle Marsh, Billy Bell, and Kathryn McCormick. Mandy Moore will be choreographing. "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay. This group's timing was a bit off..they were always slightly off sync. It was all I could do not to fast forward through this--not because of the dancers, but just because I can't stand the song. Still, I loved the guys--they're both very powerful dancers, and Victor is so tall, his legs just stretch to the sky when he kicks up.

Latin dancers are next. Karen Hauer, and married couple Ryan & Ashleigh Di Lello. Jason Gilkison is doing the choreography. "Everything I Can't Have" by Robin Thicke. Great routine...I love watching male Latin dancers. My mom was just asking me if I remember Dmitry because he's on Dancing with the Stars now. I told her--of course--he could shake his hips like nobody's business. Anyway, back to this show--it was a good performance--fun to see the married couple and the other woman. They all played well off each other.

So, we're back tomorrow for the competition. Should be a great season!

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