Making use of the DVD player

Rented and watched several movies this weekend. This is actually kind of unusual for me. I often will go into Blockbuster on a Friday evening, pick up three movies, maybe watch one that night and then wait a week or more to watch the others. Even though Blockbuster has really cut back on their late fees to compete with Netflix, I still accrue them from time to time (usually on the just-released movies that are due in two days). This time I picked up two just-released movies and one that was simply a "new release" and watched them all.

First up: Adventureland with Jesse Eisenberg (from The Squid and the Whale). This was a cute movie about a college grad who has to get a summer job at a local amusement park in order to pay for grad school. The movie also has Kristen Stewart from Twilight, though I read she filmed this first. I emnjoyed the scenes with Jesse and some of the other characters, like Martin Starr who I loved in Freaks and Geeks, but I couldn't really enjoy his scenes with Kristen Stewart--something about her just bugs me and I didn't like when she was on the screen. I think it's her hair. She's always running her fingers through it falls into this disheveled mess. In every photo I've seen of her, her hair looks exactly the same. I wish she'd get a style. Why this bothers me, I have no idea. It just does. Her acting's okay, but her presence is annoying. People who like Twilight and Kristen Stewart might appreciate her performance more than me. She's not so bad that I wouldn't recommend the movie, though.

Next: The Class, a French film about teaching. I really enjoyed the realism of this movie and was very impressed with the group of teens that made up the class. I was hoping for a different ending, but I really did enjoy the movie. There are some really sweet moments throughout. The guy who plays the teacher was pretty easy on the eyes too. :o) If you get this, watch the DVD extras about how the movie was made...interesting stuff.

Finally: Bottle Shock with Bill Pullman and Alan Rickman. This is based on the true story of the emergence of Napa Valley wines into the world domain in the 70s. It's also about the relationship between a father and his hippie son who are trying to get their winery off the ground. I loved this movie...very well done. And I just love Alan Rickman. What a voice!

I'd recommend all of these movies, especially Bottle Shock. Enjoy!

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