Kanye shows his ass AGAIN.

I watched the season finale of "True Blood" at 9pm tonight, while recording the MTV Video Music Awards. (It's been my experience that it's best to record that show so you can fast forward through crap. Also, sometimes stuff happens during the live broadcast that they won't include in future replays of the show.)

After True Blood, I saw that several people were posting on Facebook about what an asshole Kanye West is. I've known that for years, but was curious to see what he did this time that converted other people to my way of thinking. I put on the VMAs and saw Madonna give a very moving tribute to Michael Jackson. It was followed by a fabulous dance tribute featuring the routines from Thriller, Beat It, Smooth Criminal and Scream, which was performed by Janet Jackson. That was wonderful.

Then after a so-so monologue from Russell Brand, they gave the award for Best Female Video to Taylor Swift. She beat Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Katy Perry and Lady Ga-Ga. Taylor comes up to graciously accept her award ("I'm a country singer...I never expected to win a VMA....") and here comes asshole Kanye. He takes the mic from her and professes that Beyoncé "had the best video of all time!" Totally upstaged Taylor who didn't know what to do with herself after. The crowd booed like crazy and then they cut to a stupid Tracy Morgan/Eminem skit.

OK, first of all... Seriously? Beyoncé wearing a black leotard dancing around with two girls in black and white is one of the best videos EVER? No. We just saw a run down of some of the best videos ever--Thriller, Beat It, Smooth Criminal. The only thing good about Beyoncé's video was the spoof they did on SNL with Justin Timberlake. Second of all... Kanye has to show his ass every year at this show and I guess this was how he chose to do it this year. He wonders why he doesn't get voted for awards. He's a d*ck, that's why. Can't stand him. Never have. He owes a serious apology to Taylor Swift for stealing her moment like that. How dare he?!?! UGH. I only have one song of his on my iPod (Gold Digger) and I will be deleting it. He joins Wesley Snipes on my boycott list. (Wesley Snipes is a whole other story.)

Oh, and curiously enough, I just checked the MTV website to verify who else was nominated for the Best Female Video award, and guess what? Beyoncé isn't even listed! Maybe there was some goof on MTV's part where people couldn't vote for Beyoncé anyway?!?! Doesn't matter. Kanye still owes Taylor Swift an apology.

OK, now that I've stood up for Taylor, can I just say that I don't ever need to hear her sing live again? Any time I do, I don't enjoy it. This is where "fast foward" comes into play. Despite that, she still deserved her moment in the sportlight. Oh, and I don't need to hear Katy Perry live either, while we're at it.

UPDATE: Love it--later in the show, Puffy (P. Diddy...Sean Combs...whoever he is) was announcing the nominees for Best Male Video and Kanye West got booed all over again. The crowd even started chanting "Taylor! Taylor!" Kanye made a huge mistake tonight.

UPDATE 2: OK. This is it. Later in the show Beyoncé won Video of the Year. She got on stage and said, "I remember being 17 years old up for my first MTV award with Destiny's Child and it was one of the most exciting moments in my life, so I'd like for Taylor to come out and have her moment." Taylor came out and got to give her acceptance speech. She started, "Maybe we can try this again?" Beyoncé, that was CLASSY. Maybe you can teach Kanye a thing or two.


kerri said...

THIS is an awesome post and I agree with all you said about Kanye!!!

And now, he's said he is going to take some "time off" to think about all this stuff. Really? Did he have concerts planned that he is now canceling so that he can think about what an asshole he was to Taylor Swift on the VMAs????

Also, you're right, that Beyonce video was hardly "one of the best videos of all time". I felt sorry for Beyonce that Kanye felt the need to do that. I know it must have felt embarASSing to her.

Hey: are you watching Glee??? I LOVE that show!!!

Valerie said...

Thanks Kerri. I missed the Jay Leno interview, but heard about it. Jay was pretty bold to ask that question about what would Kanye's mom think of this, and I'm glad he did, although Kanye acted like a fool when his mom was still alive too.

And yes...I am watching Glee and am completely in love with it! SUCH a great show.