In rememberance...09/11/2001

Wrigley Bldg - Chicago

This is the Wrigley Bldg in Chicago, but there's a building in my home town that started draping a flag over the building like this right after 9/11. I noticed it was up today, but I was on the highway and couldn't take a picture. As I drove by, I couldn't help but think of that horrible day. I can remember everything so clearly, and I will never forget it. I will also never forget what I saw on 9/12/01. As I was driving to work, I saw a jogger on the side of the road carrying a huge flag as he ran. It brought tears to my eyes then, and when I think of it now, the same thing happens. I also remember how our country really came together in those days after the attacks. I hope we can get back to that common sense of pride in our country some day.

Today I am thinking of those who lost their lives or lost loved ones.

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kerri said...

the image of the jogger with the flag. it would be awesome if we were all a little more prideful of our country and tried to make it a kinder and more peaceful place all the the time...