Big news, but you probably didn't hear it here first

So, I came home this evening, after a fun time with friends in Georgetown, and turned on Tivo to watch yesterday's Ellen Degeneres show. She was talking about her summer and said the best part was when she got to host So You Think You Can Dance. She then brought out the top 10 from this season. After watching it, I thought, I should see if I can find that video to post on the blog. I Googled "Ellen Degeneres" and imagine my surprise when the first thing that came up said that Ellen's going to be the new permanent judge on American Idol!

Apparently she announced it during today's taping of her daytime show, and it will air on Thursday, and then the papers announced it.

Hmmm......I love Ellen, but I'm not sure this is the right move. Ellen isn't a singer and has no experience in the recording industry. Plus, I had my heart set on an earlier rumor I'd heard that they were thinking of Cyndi Lauper. BUT...I do see Ellen filling Paula's shoes as far as making the kids feel okay, even when they're getting negative feedback...."But you look AMAZING!" Should be interesting, and Ellen does make me laugh. We shall see! (I'm still hoping that Cyndi Lauper will make an appearance as a guest mentor or something.

Now, back to the SYTYCD video. Ellen really held her own!

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Erika said...

I loved that! She more than held her own, there! That was a pleasant surprise! Go, Ellen!