We get down to the SYTYCD Top 10

The show opens with a very cool Tabitha & Napoleon routine to Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. Cat announces that today is Nigel's 60th birthday. Happy Birthday, Nigel!

Nigel then announced that he didn't know if the decision was made by Sony or the Jackson family estate, but the show could not clear Michael Jackson's music for use in a tribute show. That's a shame--that would've been a really exciting show.

OK, the bottom three couples were:

* Jason/Kaitlin
* Phillip/Jeanine (This was a surprise! it was between them and Randi/Evan, who I thought might be in trouble after their Samba.)
* And WTF?! Ade and Melissa?!?!?!?!?!?! It's their first time in the bottom three.

Nigel gave a long speech about how the judges pretty much already know who they want to remain in the competition. The dancers CAN change their minds in their solos, BUT, they have to really bring it. Based on that speech, and on the judges comments last night, I think Jason & Kaitlin are really in trouble.

Here come the solos:

* Kaitlin, Stand By Me by Playing for Change.
* Jason, Calm Touching by Evaline.
* Jeanine, Baby's Romance by Chris Garneau
* Phillip, The Diva Dance from The Fifth Element soundtrack
* Melissa, Kashira by Kodo (FANTASTIC! I love her.)
* Ade, Windowdipper by Jib Kidder (Woooo!!!!!)

OK, based on solos and the whole season, I'd say good by to Kaitlin and Jason--they've been in the bottom three times already. Phillip could be in trouble too, even though he has shown improvement. Let's see what the judges say.

DJ so-and-so (couldn't catch the name) and Kelly Rowland come out to perform "When Love Takes Over." Speaking of Kelly Rowland, I am enjoying her Project Runway knockoff, The Fashion Show on Bravo. Her song tonight was a'ight. It reminded me of another song, but I can't place it.

The results are in--the judges are unanimous.

The two girls they'd like to stay are: Jeanine and Melissa. I think she Kaitlin knew it was her before Nigel told her goodbye.

The judges are unamimous on the guys too.

Phillip is going tonight. BUT, Nigel announced that Phillip AND Kaitlin will be going on the SYTYCD tour. That's awesome! Nigel also mentioned that last night's Russian dance was NOT taken into account in the judges' decision. That's good to know because it would be completely unfair.

Here are my favs from last night:

Melissa and Ade (check out how great Ade is at this style!):

Kayla and Kupono:

Jeanette and Brandon (I LOVED THIS!):


Jeanene said...

I agree. No surprises last night, but I think the judges got it right.

I sure hope Nigel's shaming of Sony or the Jackson estate will make them change their mind to clear the music!

Finally, the Kelly Rowland song was familiar because it sampled the Coldplay song Clocks (the piano part). Personally, I didn't understand why DJ so-and-so (I didn't pay attention to his name either) was even there.

Valerie said...

Clocks! That's right! (I never really cared for that song, so I probably just blocked it out of my mind.) :o) Yeah, the DJ's clapping toward the end of the song really enhanced the performance. Bah. Haha!

Good point about Nigel's statement...maybe they'll change their minds. And you know...America's Best Dance Crew on MTV did a Michael Jackson show last year--the songs have been released before!