Time for the SYTYCD top 10

It's 9:30pm (EDT) and I'm just starting the show on Tivo. A friend posted on Facebook, "you can't tell me Janette isn't great" so I look forward to seeing Jeanette perform. (Last week I was wondering how Jeanette would do without Brandon.)

Debbie Allen's on this week. Yay! This week the dancers get new partners, and the judges are no longer involved in who stays and goes. It's all up to America. I must say, "America" makes better decisions on this show than they do with American Idol, so I feel okay about that. Also, America is voting for individuals this week, not couples.

Before we get to the couples, we get to see the girls doing a Bollywood routine. This should be fun. They're dancing to Dholna from Pyar Ke Geet (soundtrack). WOW. The dance was fantastic! What an aerobic routine! Each of the girls did a great job...they were completely in sync. Nigel said he can't pick out one dancer that stood out more than the others because each of the five had everything. Mary said they were stunning and that she could see any of the five girls in the final. Debbie agreed and said this is the top 5 group of ladies that show has ever had.

This week Kayla drew Evan's name for her partner. Evan points out that Kayla's the tallest girl and that he's the shortest guy which could make ballroom a little challenging. And guess what--they get to do the Viennese Waltz! They're dancing to Kiss from a Rose by Seal. Because of their height difference, Kayla's dancing barefoot and Evan's shoes have heels. She looks amazing and I find that my eyes are constantly drawn to her. Nigel didn't see this as a Viennese Waltz and more as a fast waltz (he bascially reprimanded Tony Meredith, the choreographer). BUT, Nigel gave Kayla and Evan props for dancing it well. Mary dinged Evan for plodding along and not gliding, but she liked the way he did the lifts. For Kayla, she said "Wow!" and that her movement & quality was much better. Debbie Allen told Evan, "you handled your big woman." Haha!!

Brandon comes out for his solo to In Your Eyes by Jeffrey Gaines. Talk about a powerful dancer. I love watching him.

Next up, Janette and Ade. Another big height difference. She's the shortest girl, he's the tallest guy. Ade is wearing a gem-studded pick in his 'fro during the interviews--love it! They're doing a Napoleon/Tabitha hip-hop routine. The theme of the dance is that Ade needs to give Jeanette some funk...which seems to be the case in real life. They're dancing to Love Sex Magic by Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake. That was a fun routine. Ade was great as always--he moves so easily, and as Nigel said, "he's got funk." Janette definitely held her own...she found the funk! Mary said, "That was funky!" Debbie said, "whoo honey, these children wore me out!" I love Debbie Allen! She said they were mesmerizing together. Indeed.

Randi's solo to Dream by Priscilla Ahn is next. I like Randi but she looked like she almost got away from herself.

Kupono dances solo to Marina Gasolina by Bonde De Role. He's got interesting moves.

Travis Wall from season 2 is choreographing the next lyrical routine for Jeanine and Jason. It's Travis' first time choreographing. Aw...I'm just having flashbacks to the park bench routine. Travis has dark hair now and somehow he looks younger than before. They're dancing to If It Kills Me (The Casa Nova Sessions) by Jason Mraz. That routine was AMAZING. I've watched it three times. One of the most passionate on the show. There's a part where it looks like they're tearing each other's clothes off and I felt like I shouldn't be watching--then, it ended with a kiss. A LONG kiss!!! Whoo! HOT! When it was over, Jeanine leapt into Jason's arms. The judges gave a standing "O." Nigel said Travis' routine was "fabulous work that was only bettered by the two people that danced it." Nigel pointed out that it's the first time Jeanine was able to dance with a partner who matched her skills. Mary called them "stars!" and was moved to tears when acknowledging Travis' progression through the show. Debbie said this is a magical pairing.

Melissa's solo is next. She's dancing to Gabriel by Lamb. I love watching Melissa dance en pointe.

Evan's solo is to Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart by Rufus Wainwright. Evan looks dapper dancing to the big band sound. He's so fun to watch and ended the routine with a nice aerial.

Kayla's dancing to Rock Your Soul by Elisa. Gorgeous.

And what's this? Tivo stopped recording at 1 hour and 8 minutes! WTF?!?! I hope my backup recording upstairs worked....

It did. Phew!

OK, time for Randi and Kupono. They're doing a Paso Doble routine to Dies Irae by Karl Jenkins. The scenes from rehearsal didn't leave me very confident in what we're about to see. Hey! Randi's hair grew 10 inches over night! Amazing. I think Randi's doing great, but Kupono is not powerful enough. It seemed like she was in control of him and not the other way around. He's the matador and needs to stand strong! Kupono needs to watch Strictly Ballroom. Nigel said the dancing wasn't as good as the choreography and that Kupono didn't carry the strength. This is the strongest the male dancer has to be in any routine and Kupono didn't manage. Nigel also didn't like Randi's wig. Mary said they didn't rise to the challenge. Debbie said there may not have been trust between the two since they're new partners, so some of the moves were awkward.

Ade dances his solo to the Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody. His OUTSTANDING solo. Best of the night. He did a back layout that was six feet off the ground! WOW. He's my favorite. Love that smile, too!

Jeanine's solo is to Violento (Up Mix) by Bailongo! Good routine that showed off her technical ability nicely.

Jason is up next. Dancing to Train Fare Home by Muddy Waters He also had a great solo. He wore suspenders and a newsboy cap that went great with the Muddy Waters song.

Melissa and Brandon. They're both so strong--this should be good. Another height challenge. Melissa's a little bit taller. They're doing a Tyce Diorio routine to a song from Hair. The song is Aquarius from the new Broadway cast's soundtrack. Melissa looks gorgeous as a flower child. They did a great job--the routine was so dreamy. Nigel points out that in the original Hair, choreographed by Twyla Tharp, may have been the first time white girls danced with black girls. Nigel said it brought back lots of memories. Mary said it was unbelievable, and "groooovy baby." Debbie said they evoked real harmony, and that it was a joy to watch.

Geez this is a long-ass show!

Here's Janette with the final solo to This is Miami by Sander Kleinenberg She was saucy! I hope she draws one of the Latin dances soon--I'd love to see it.

OK, that's it, but before I go, I wanted to post the Park Bench routine from season two. Still beautiful after all this time. I get goosebumps when Heidi leaps from the bench into Travis' arms.

Dang. I posted this blog without having seen the end of the show! There's still a guys' dance to be seen. I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance, but THIS SHOW IS TOO LONG.

Anyway, the guys will be doing an African dance. Just realizing that Evan's the only person without color there, and he seems SO uncomfortable. The guys are dancing to Balant Funk by Ayanda Clarke & Shawn Kelly. I think Ade and Kupono stood out on this one. The moves of the dance are very similar to what Kupono does. Wait? Do I hear a go-go beat in that song? All they need is a cowbell! Wow...that was really good. ALL the guys did a great job. I agree with Cat--I'm exhausted from watching the routine! Nigel said Evan looked like a dancing milkshake. BUT...no one stood out as a sore thumb. Mary adored the routine and gave credit to Evan for holding his own. Debbie Allen points out that African dance is the mother of all the other styles (hip-hop, jazz...). Debbie was proud of them all because "you cannot just get up and do this."

OK. Now it's really over.


Jeanene said...

What a great show last night! I watched that Jason and Jeanine routine at least 3 times last night! I'm also ready to go on record that Ade is my favorite guy. His personality really shined last night. I think he and Brandon are the top 2 guys. It may be the end of the road for Evan tonight. I didn't think he was strong in the African routine at all. His arms looked so floppy.

It's really wide open for the girls, but I think Randi is probably the weakest. That wig did not help her last night. I'm pulling for Jeanine and Melissa now. I know Jeanette is good, but she doesn't do it for me. I think it's her hair. It bothers me!

Valerie said...

Jeanene, I TOTALLY get what you mean about Janette's hair! When they style it for performances, she looks great, but when it's just straight around her face, no me gusta. (I don't like it.)