SYTYCD - top 12 perform

OK. Here's the run down of tonight's performances:

1. Melissa/Ade, Disco - Move On Up by Destination
2. Kayla/Kupono, Contemporary (Mia Michaels) - Gravity by Sara Bareilles
3. Kaitlin/Jason, Fox Trot - Minnie the Moocher by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
4. Jeanine/Phillip, Russian Folk Dance - Kalinka by BARYNYA
5. Randi/Evan, Hip-Hop - Halo by Beyonce
6. Jeanette/Brandon, Argentine Tango - Libertango from Forever Tango (original Broadway cast album)

On to the second half of the show. Oh no--starting next week the dancers will be paired with someone new. Here come the couples' last dances together.

7. Melissa/Ade, Waltz - (You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman by Mary J. Blige
8. Kayla/Kupono, Broadway - The Dance At the Gym from West Side Story (The New Broadway cast - who I saw in DC several months ago before they headed to Broadway!)
9. Kaitlin/Jason, Lyrical Jazz - Show Me Heaven by Maria McKee
10. Jeanine/Phillip, Jive - Stuff Like That There by Bette Midler
11. Randi/Evan, Samba (Pasha & Anya. I love me some Pasha!) - Ritmo de Bom Bom by Jubaba
12. Jeanette/Brandon, Jazz (Wade Robson! Love him!) - Ruby Blue by Roisin Murphy

My thoughts:

Melissa/Ade's Disco - WOW. Best Disco I've seen despite their losing the final pose. Ade's look was perfect. The spins and lifts were amazing and I'm convinced these two can do anything. I was talking earlier with my friend Erika about how neither of us really having a favorite this season, but you know what? I think these two are it for me. They're amazing.

Kayla/Kupono's Contemporary - Again, wow. Mia's piece was about addiction. Very powerful. Kupono was the addiction, and he talked about how his family & friend's experience with addiction almost destroyed them. I think you could feel that through the whole dance. It even brought tears to Mia's eyes.

Randi/Evan's hip-hop - this hip-hop was very romantic; Randi's character just learns she's pregnant, then Evan proposed to her. It wasn't hard hitting or anything like that--it was very smooth, and I love these two. They have great chemistry. It's too bad she's married--they make a really cute couple.

Jeanette/Brandon's Argentine Tango. Another fantastic dance. The judges gave a standing "O." Nigel said it was the closest thing to perfection he's seen on this stage ever. They were powerful, their kicks were sharp, the footwork was complicated, and they got it all. I loved it!

I was only going to write about the dances I liked most, and here I've already written about four of the first six routines. I wasn't expecting that. These dancers seem to be giving it all tonight. Being in the Top 10 is on the line!

Wow--Melissa and Ade's waltz was gorgeous. Loved it. Ade was so attentive to Melissa. Melissa looked beautiful. I'm so sorry to see them split apart after this.

I'd like the say that Tyce Diorio is back in my good graces again. He was on the judges' panel tonight and throughout he gave such constructive criticism, as well as very gracious compliments--he seemed thoroughly happy to see this kids perform. His obnoxious side was no where to be seen tonight.

And finally, I loved Jeanette & Brandon's quirky jazz routine. It was playful and so fun to watch. I loved the song. Mary said they saved the best for last--just about!

WOW...I can't decide who should be sent home after tonight's show. My guess is that Kaitlin & Jason could be in trouble. They just weren't exciting tonight. They looked lovely in the fox trot and their lyrical dance was cute, but they don't stand out in comparison with everyone else. We'll find out tomorrow!


Karla said...

I agree... I think Kaitlin & Jason are going home though I would rather it be Randi and Evan but it seems the judges really like them.

I LOVED Jeanette and Brandon tonight... I've liked them since the beginning but felt they were flying under the radar but tonight they absolutely shined and I think America is noticing them (finally!)

And I have to say, Ade and Melissa really impressed me today. They've been doing really well through out this competition as well and they really shined tonight too.

These two couples are my top four for sure!

Jeanene said...

I pretty much agree with you on everything. I decided this week that Melissa and Brandon are my favorite guy and girl.

I just loved the Wade Robson jazz routine. I watched it a few times!

I think Kaitlin is probably going home too. On the guys, Jason or Kupono could go for me. I'm not a Kupono fan.

You forgot one thing - What about the Russian folk dancing??? Nigel, as the executive producer, obviously approved this type of dance on the show, and then he criticizes the dancing for doing what they were told!!! I felt bad for Phillip and Jeanine. They owned that dance, but I don't think it's going to have much audience appeal.

Valerie said...

Oh yes! Deb and I talked about the Russian Folk Dance, and said excactly what you're saying Jeanene. When he said, "We ask you to do everything that's thrown at you, and maybe we shouldn't have thrown that at you," I was thinking--well, that's your fault, not theirs! He didn't judget the performance in and of itself, and that's not fair.

I like Kupono--I think he's interesting to watch. His movement is very unique compared to others on the show. Plus he's pretty easy on the eyes... ;o)

However, I do think Joshua & Twitch's Russian dance from last year was MUCH better than this one--much of that has to do with the choreography, but a lot of it is because Josh & Twtich were much stronger than Phillip with the kicks and jumps.