SYTYCD marks its 100th episode

The special anniversary show opens with a routine to One from A Chorus Line (Original Broadway Cast). I'm so happy to see this! I've been all about A Chorus Line this year. All the dancers are wearing white and the mirrors from the original show are represented, though they're cracked. They're dancing to the haunted version of the song that the performers do as they're rehearsing for try outs. Loved it!

The judges discuss how important the show is, to them, to the dancers, to the world. Then we see some highlights of the past five seasons. So good to see old favs like Benji, Twitch, Joshua, Hok. A lot of the former dancers are also in the audience.

Next we get a run down of what happened last night and find out whose safe and not. Melissa is safe. Kayla is in the bottom two. Uh-oh. Cat announces that Janette has never been in the bottom two--is she tonight? Of course she is. I have a hard time choosing between Kayla and Janette, but I like Kayla just *this* much more. We'll see what happens.

Next, Hok and Jamie are back to dance the 3rd season's Emmy-winning routine from Wade Robeson, the Hummingbird and the Flower routine, danced to The Chairman's Waltz from Memoirs of a Geisha (soundtrack), which is so beautiful. I'm so happy to see it again.

Now let's get to the bottom two guys. Ade is safe (my 10 calls for him obviously worked) and Jason is in danger. Brandon is in the bottom two and EVAN is safe! WOW...that's a surprise! I like Evan a lot, but his technical skills don't match up to Jason or Brandon. His personality, which is wonderful, is winning him votes, methinks.

And now...the Park Bench routine with Travis and Heidi. I linked to this last week, but just discovered it's been removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim from Dick Clark Productions. We'll just have to remember it in our minds (which I think I always will). Heidi and Travis were just as good tonight as they were the first time. I love that I can see it in HD this go around.

I wish Cat would talk to the former dancers to see what they're up to now.

Now we see Kayla's solo again (the solos are the same as last night). She's so beautiful. Jason's next. He's great. Now's Janette. And now Brandon. Tough choice between Jason and Brandon, but I think Brandon's just a little bit stronger. (Literally and figuratively!)

And now Ramalama (Bang Bang) with a bunch of former dancers (including Benji, Travis, Dmitry, Heidi, etc.) AND Wade Robson, the choreographer. I will ALWAYS love this! FANTASTIC! Here's the same version I posted last night:

I'll look for tonight's version tomorrow.

Katie Holmes is going to dance next. First an interview. She's a part of the Dizzy Feet Foundation, which they mentioned a couple weeks ago, and gives scholarships to kids so they can dance. She'll be doing a routine that's choreographed by Tyce Diorio and is an homage to Judy Garland. She'll be singing AND dancing. She's dancing to Get Happy by....herself! She's not dancing live on stage--it's more like a music video. She's lip synching, and it's distracting....I liked her performance on Eli Stone better. Anyway, she's supporting a great cause, so good for her! She donated her fee to the Foundation.

Now it's time for the bad news. The girl leaving us tonight is....Janette. I'm sure she'll be just fine. Cat says it's the shock of the season. I wouldn't say that...someone has to go. It would've been a shock if she went before Randi or Nigel said she was his favorite and he thinks America got it wrong. I'm sure that makes Kayla, Jeanine and Melissa feel really good.

As for the guys: Jason's going home. I'm going to miss his cutie-pie smile. He'll be fine too. Aww...he's crying, and thanks everyone.

Cat ends the show with, "Here's to the next 100!" Amen to that!

UPDATE: Here's Wade Robson dancing in his Ramalama routine:

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