People are getting old all around me

Me? I'm maintaining, but, I saw the latest example of folks getting old on Jimmy Fallon last week. The Beastie Boys were on, and man, do they look old! Well, Mike D basically looks the same--his hair's still dark and curly, but MCA and Ad-Rock are gray. I didn't think much of it while they were talking to Jimmy, but then when he asked them to do a song, I realized that it was SO weird to see gray-haired men saying, "So whatcha whatcha whatcha want." They've got a new album coming out, and seriously, if they go on tour, they ought to take some Grecian Formula with them. Still, despite all this, they still sound great and it was good to see them perform. And, can I just say that I love The Roots on Jimmy Fallon?

p.s. Let the record show that these guys are 5-6 years older than me. I'm just sayin'.

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allyssa said...

We saw them and thought the same thing! The BBoys are one of Arty's fave bands, so we couldn't miss them. Oh, and The Roots did a song for Bennett's Yo Gabba Gabba show, so even I know who they are (Arty already knew...of course, he did) and we're big fans of their song Love My Family.