THIS...is American Idol!

Tonight is Rock night for the Final Four. Ryan tells us that the kids have not had a proper dress rehearsal because the stage is falling apart. He then tells us that they'll be pairing up to sing duets. I've seen the group numbers and am not so sure that's a good idea. We'll see. This week's mentor? Slash. The kids go to Roxy on the Sunset Strip to be mentored.

Slash says he never thought he'd be a mentor on AI. Well, neither did we. He said there are a couple of stand outs (I'm sure Adam's included in that--and Allison?) this season and it was all his idea to come to a club and make it more "rock and roll." (It would've been cool if the whole show was recorded there, instead of back at the cheesy AI stage.)

Adam - Whole Lotta Love, Led Zeppelin. Slash mentioned how effortless it is for Adam. Slash told him not to improvise so much in the high register (i.e., don't scream so much). We'll see what he does. The eyeliner is back in full effect, hair's trimmed up a bit. This is definitely his genre. He sounded fantastic! Randy said no one's going to be thinking about Broadway tonight and that he and Slash should make an album. Kara called him a rock god. Paula said he's a "whole lotta perfect." Simon agreed....said it was one of his favorite performances of Adam's. Ryan points out this is the first time a Zeppelin song has been done on the show.

Allison, Cry Baby, Janis Joplin. Oh, this should be good--I was just listening to this song earlier today--what are the chances? Allison looks terrific with new extensions and black sparkly pants that make her look like she lost 10 pounds without those poofy skirts she likes to wear. She sounds great. I think Simon will be able to say that she seems more confident this week. Randy didn't love the song choice. Kara said Janis is the right choice, but maybe "Piece of My Heart" would've been a better choice. Paula liked it. Simon did say she seemed more confident, but he thinks she tried to hard to sound like Janis and therefore, didn't show any originality.

Danny & Kris, Renegade, Styx. Ooh...nice harmony! Danny threw on a super thick chain necklace to look more rock-y, but it doesn't quite work. Still, he sounded good. Kris sounded good, but also doesn't seem too rock-y. Randy said the individual performances were okay, but the harmonies were great. Kara said these are not the two guys when you think of "renegades." Paula thought it was powerful and compelling. Simon said Danny was better than Kris. I concur. (I can't wait to see Adam & Allison's performance--I hope Allison can hold her own against him.)

Kris, Come Together, The Beatles. Kris says he had a hard time choosing a song; he chose Come Together over Revolution. Slash gave him a guitar and hooked him to an amp, which Slash thinks scared Kris a bit. He told Kris to try to make his performance a bit more animated. Dang...Kris sounds pretty good tonight too! It's going to be a hard choice for the final three. Randy enjoyed it, and particularly liked the guitar. Kara didn't care for it--thought he was trying too hard. I disagree with her. Paula liked his imprint on the song. Simon didn't care for it much either. Said it was like eating ice for lunch--it will leave you with nothing to remember afterward. Simon said he didn't believe anything was going to top Adam, and he was right.

Danny, Dream On, Aerosmith. I heard this song today too! (A version done by a friend of friend, Verlette Simon.) Love this song. Slash said Danny has to get the scream at the end because everyone's going to be waiting for it. This actually would've been a perfect song for Adam. Hmmm......Danny sounded great in the chorus, but I'm not so sure he pulled off the scream at the end--it was a little pitchy. I still love him though! Randy said it was a'ight, but he gave an A+ for a valiant effort. Kara thought he managed to add more edge, but thinks he took it too far. And then she said she'd like to see him doing "more early Aerosmith, Crying, Crazy..." Umm.......Dream On came out in 1973. Crying and Crazy came out in the 90s! What is she talking about? What is with her and these gaffes? (Studio 57, "I have six words for you" and then saying eight words?) Paula said it wasn't the right song choice, but she gave him an A++ for going for it. Simon said the last note was like watching a horror movie. Simon still thinks Danny will be safe tonight though.

Adam & Allison, Slow Ride, Foghat. Allison put a skirt and 10 pounds back on. This skirt isn't so bad as some of her others. They both sounded good, but I don't really care for this song, and I'm not sure it was made for duets. Randy, Kara, Paula loved it. Kara & Paula said they should do a duet together on their albums. Simon says they win the battle of the duets. Simon says Adam may have given Allison a chance of staying in the competition because of this performance. I think the producers created this duet thing just so these two could sing together. To make it fair, they should've done like they do on So You Think You Can Dance, where each contestant performs with each of the other three.

Tomorrow's show should be good--Doughtry and No Doubt will be on. And Paula Abdul will be taking the stage. What? Why? Maybe she's choreographed another routine.

So, Deb and I have been debating. I mentioned that Danny reminds me of Robert Downey, Jr. (a coworker first pointed that out to me, and I agreed.) Deb thinks he looks like MC Serch from 3rd Bass. You be the judge:




[Jeez. I just took a walk down memory lane looking for that picture of MC Serch. When 3rd Bass' The Cactus Album came out in 1989, it's all I heard for several months because it's all my boyfriend at the time listened to. He fancied himself as the next MC Serch.]

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kerri said...

First of all:
This genre was almost unfair to Kris and Danny. I'd say Danny did a little better and I hope he can stay in long enough for them to switch back to something he's more comfortable in.
I love Danny. And I want him to win.
The duet idea was just weird for me. I'd rather have gotten to hear each of them sing 2 songs solo and hear less yakking from the judges- and by judges, I mainly mean Kara.
And yes, I've always thought Danny looked like a younger, heavier Robert Downey Jr.!!! The pics you put up are great!
I hope the finals are Danny and Adam-
Whatever- They're all super talented and all of them will be making albums soon.