Okay, I'm in.

My sister has been talking about The Real Housewives of... for a couple of years. She especially likes the ladies of NYC, and she has given me blow by blow recaps of some of the more entertaining shows. She always tells me, "you HAVE to watch," but for whatever reason, I just wasn't interested.

A few months ago she called to tell me about a particular episode with the NYC ladies, and guess what? "It's on again on Saturday, so you should watch it." The story she told me was about "The Countess." Deb kept repeating "She's off the chain! You have to watch." Well, again, for whatever reason, this time I tuned in. (The particular show Deb wanted me to see was when The Countess went to a Girls Club to meet with some teens. She was so condescending to them, yet totally believed she was there for the greater good...it really was "off the chain," and I wanted to see more. I set Tivo to record the rest of the shows that day (there was a mini-marathon) and then I tuned in for the rest of the season. And, although I had to ask Debbie a lot of questions about the relationships between those ladies, I became fascinated.

Then they started showing the previews for the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and I was like, oh yes--I HAVE to see that show. It looked like The Sopranos on estrogen. I've seen the first several episodes and I'm convinced that one of the ladies, Danielle, is crazy. First, she's a 46-year-old cougar, trolling sites like WealthyMan.com. (I'm not going to link to it because frankly, I'm afraid to see what's there. Can it be worse than SugarDaddy.com, which I've also never checked out?) She was dating a balding 25-year-old who looks like he's 50, and while she's talking about relationships and wanting someone to take care of her, we learn from one of the other ladies, Teresa, that he's only interested in getting his daily b-j from Danielle. Danielle then talks to Teresa and Jacqueline about breaking up with this guy, and if it's the right thing to do, and blah-blah-blah, blubber-blubber-blubber. She's a mess. OF COURSE she should break up with this guy, but she's acting like her life might end if she does.

Meanwhile, it looks like next week we're going to see that Danielle's mug shot appeared in a book called "Cop without a Badge: The Extraordinary Undercover Life of Kevin Maher" by Charles Kipp. I looked the book up on Amazon.com and came across this in the comments:
Hey Kevin: I've been speaking with your Uncle Lawrence and Uncle Ron, this entire book is a fabrication and you know it. You are a rat in every sense of the word. Your own sister won't speak to you, your Uncles want to have a "word" with you, (guess thats why you wont tell us where in jersey you are you rat fink) your cousins Donnie & Al would like a word with you as well, your Uncle Paddy, God rest his soul wanted to kill you till his dying day and your father, Kelly, would be turning in his grave if he read all the lies in here. That story about you rushing to the hospital as he died was priceless, how do you think that crap up? He had a heart attack and died on the subway you idiot, and you got the date wrong as well, BY OVER A YEAR!!! Do some research and get your facts right before you BS around them. Kevin Maher has been exiled by his entire family, he is a rat fink who never thought of anyone but himself. This ENTIRE book is a fabrication. Ask Kevin what happened when he showed up at his Uncle Paddy's funeral. Go on, tell em Kev.
WHAT? Now I'm totally intrigued as to how Danielle wound up in this book. Of course I'll have to keep watching.

And NOW....here's what was on washingtonpost.com yesterday: Knocking on Washington's Door: 'Real Housewives'. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, RH is coming to DC! The inherent political twist to the show being done in DC should be very interesting. Can't wait to see it.

Thanks Deb, you won. I'm hooked.


Jeanene said...

What about the fact that Danielle has been engaged 20 times!!!! Isn't she the one who claimed to have a black Amex before Madonna? It's ironic that now she has to beg for money from her ex.

Debbie said...

RH Rocks! NYC will most likely always be my favorite, but the Jersey girls are lookin' pretty good as well. Isshhooooosssss!