The "Guy Next Door" versus the "Guyliner"


Kris and Adam face off tonight on American Idol. Simon is dressed up for the occasion--he wore a jacket over a collared shirt.

Ryan announces that Kris won a coin toss last week and has chosen to go second--makes sense...I imagine he wants to gauge what he's up against.

Ryan then announces that the show is going to go a little long, so if we're recording, we should plan on it going a little long and add time to our recordings.




After the last timing snafu, I set my timer to add 11 minutes to each show. I hope that's enough for tonight.

OK. Here we go.

Adam's first song is "Mad World," which he sang during "Year of Birth" week. Dramatic stage production tonight with a fog machine and dark lighting. Adam sounds great tonight--he always does. He's wearing a long black coat--kinda reminds me of Donnie Darko. Oh wait. Isn't this song from that movie? Just checked--yes, yes it was. A+ from Randy. Kara said he rocked it again tonight. (Hey, Hannibal Lecter is in the audience!) Paula said he looks astonishingly handsome and that she's proud of him. (She hasn't said, "I told you you'd be here in the finale" but that's what she meant.) Simon thought it was over-theatrical tonight. Maybe because of the coat. It reminded him of Phantom of the Opera. Simon needs to see Donnie Darko so he has a different reference.

Kris' personal pick is "Ain't No Sunshine." He's playing the piano tonight with an orchestra behind him. Kris sounds good tonight too. Great performance--I don't see anything wrong with it at all. Randy, who's wearing a polka dot tie with a checkered shirt and Glen plaid** suit, said it was his best performance ever. Kara agreed. Kara says if Kris' performance doesn't move you, there's something wrong with you. I lost track of what Paula said cuz I wasn't paying attention. Simon said that last week, he wasn't sure America made the right choice when he heard Kris was in the finale. After this performance, Simon takes that all back.

We've got ourselves quite a competition ladies and gentlemen. Simon gave round one to Kris!

Here comes songs chosen by the show's creator--Simon Fuller.

Adam's singing "A Change is Gonna Come." Great choice! I love this song. This time he's in a nice shiny gray suit. Another great performance. Loved it! Randy noted how this is a great R&B song by the great Sam Cooke and it proved that Adam can sing anything and that he "can sing [his] face off!" Kara said it was his best interpretation of a song. The highs, the lows, the emotion. Paula said it the best she ever heard him sing. "Ever. Ever. Ever! Ever!" (Seriously--that's what she said.) She also said he looks like a superstar. She says no matter what happens with Idol, he's gonna be iconic. Simon said, "You are 100% back in the game."

Kris gets to sing "What's Going On." This time he's on the guitar. It's a nice arrangement with congo drums and a groovy rhythm. It's kind of quiet though. Too subdued. I think Adam won this round. Let's see what the judges say. Randy liked the song choice, but felt it was a little light. That's what I was trying to say too. If Kris was in a small, intimate venue, it would've been fine. Kara thought a socially-conscious song was good for him because he can sell the message and get people to change. Paula said he tore that song up and made Marvin Gaye proud. Simon said it was like three friends in their bedroom strumming along to Marvin Gaye. Too laid back for a night like this. Simon says round two goes to Adam "a million percent."

And now, round three--a song co-written by Kara called "No Boundaries."

Adam: Not a bad song--I would like listening to this on the radio. I liked Adam's performance a LOT. The crowd loved it. Randy, "dude, you can sing anything" but that was not my favorite Adam perforance. Kara was moved and proud that he sang her song. Paula said she will be a fan forever. Simon wouldn't judge the song (he couldn't deal with the mountains and hurricanes in the lyrics), and said he'd judge Adam. He said, "you have been one of the best, most original contestants we've ever had on the show. The whole idea about doing a show like this is that you hope you can find a world-wide star. I genuinely believe with all my heart, that we have found that with you. Congratulations." Awww...that was sweet.

Kris: Kris' style and voice go better with the song. It's the kind of thing he'd be singing anyway. He did a great job. Randy said what I said--the song fit his voice better than Adam's. Kara thinks the song was too high for him, but he shouldn't be judged on that. (Interesting that the song was written high--did they write it with Adam in mind???) Kara hopes people vote on the season, not just that song. Paula didn't critique his performance but says he deserves his place in the spotlight. Simon said first song was best performance and that he thinks back to when the season started and Kris didn't really have any confidence, but now, he thoroughly deserves to be standing on the stage tonight.

Welp. That's it. I've been trying to vote for Adam for an hour and all three lines are busy, busy, busy. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Hey, the show ended three minutes over time and included a performance by Carrie Underwood and a video montage of the season. And oh. Ryan reminded us that TOMORROW'S show is scheduled to go long and to plan accordingly. Oops--sorry I yelled at you earlier Ryan.

**I totally had to look that up.

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kerri said...

It's always hard to compare apples to oranges...

As for the last song- if it was in a key too high for Kris, why didn't the band just play the song in a lower key? They're professional musicians, right? Hm.

Adam seemed to be enjoying himself a lot more. I don't really love his singing, but I do love him as a performer, and he comes across as such a cool person.

I've said from the beginning that Kris seems to be ripping off Jason Mraz- I love Jason, and so the comparison is actually a compliment, but it sorta bugs me.

I didn't vote. I don't think I ever have- Except I think maybe once for Danny. I think Adam will win. He seems to stand out a lot more than Kris. BUT, I do think Kris will be getting the little screaming girl's votes, and I have a feeling they vote a LOT- so he's got a chance.

BTW, Kara's comments and the way she delivers them...urgh. So overly enthusiastic. I'm so tired of her. I would really like to vote her off the show. Why were we needing more judges anyway?