Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes...

...how do you measure a year? That's the question answered in "Rent," which is playing in DC again, and of course Deb and I were there. The original leads for Mark & Roger (Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal) were here and the show was fantastic. The energy of the crowd was great, and I love how the audience at this show claps in anticipation of what's to come, and not just after the song performances. My guess is that at least 75% of the audience had seen the show before. The Washington Post wrote a nice review of the show.

For those who haven't seen "Rent" yet, I recommend you add Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway to your Netflix queue. I do not recommend the movie version of Rent, which was a little bit disappointing. *I* liked it because most of the original cast was in it, but a lot of the magic is lost in the film version. (Here's my original review of the film.)

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