Best of luck, Danny

*Sigh* Danny got voted off tonight. I kinda figured he would. On the message boards I read, people seem to hate him--I don't know why. I think he's got an amazing voice, and he proved it when singing "You Are So Beautiful" tonight, which he did even better than last night. Someone mentioned that they hate when he adds the R&B/Gospel flair to songs. See? That's what I like best about him. I'll be downloading that and look forward to whatever he comes out with.

I look forward to the finale with Adam & Kris. They have SUCH different styles--it should be a good show.


Katherine said...

I like Danny, but of the three I was ready to see him go. And I think whoever doesn;t win has more flexibility with record contracts. He will get a recording contract quickly.
If Kris wins, he may get lost in the Idol win, like we never hear from the winners for a long time once they win. If Adam wins, he won't get lost.

Valerie said...

I think you're right, Katherine. Sometimes it's better to lose so you're not bogged down with an Idol contract. I'll be happy for whoever wins though.