And the winner is...

Well, I don't know yet cuz I just started watching. (Just got home--it's 10:00pm--they probably just announced the winner.) Randy is wearing a huge red velvet bowtie to match his red glasses this evening. Interesting.

The Top 13 are here to sing Pink's So What. You know, when they showed the group last night, there were a couple faces I'd completely forgotten about. Like the dude from Puerto Rico. They're lip synching again. Choreography's terrible. I can't see paying money to see this group tour the country. Group Sing is not their thing.

David Cook comes out to sing his song "Permanent.' There's light shining on him and the band that's the exact same shade of alien green that Paula was wearing last night. I still love his voice--his is my all-tine favorite AI voice. Kelly Clarkson's is next. The judges gave a standing O--I noticed that Simon was the first to stand up. After the show, they're going to put his performance on iTunes and all proceeds will go to ABC Squared which raises money to find a cure for cancer. Sadly, David's brother passed away recently.

Now it's time to give the Golden Idol awards and we get a replay from some of the worst auditions. These are hilarious. Oh, until they get to Norman Gentle. That was just sad. I still don't find him the least bit amusing.

Now Lil Rounds is singing "Queue (Cue?) the Rain" with Queen Latifah. The songs okay, not great, but Latifah looks hot. She's got the most beautiful skin.

Here come Anoop and Alexis AND Jason Mraz (who I also love). The rest of the group comes to sing along. This was a good performance, because I'm Yours is a great song.

Now Kris is singing with Keith Urban, who's wearing shoes! I think the song is "I Wanna Kiss a Girl." Maybe they should talk to Katy Perry. Bah-dump-bump. It's a good perfomancee.

Now the girls are singing lip-synching Fergie's "Glamorous Life." And now, here comes Fergie who's brunette these days. She sings "Big Girls Don't Cry," and then the rest of the Black Eyed Peas join her. It's an....interesting...performance.

More Golden Idol performances and here comes Bikini Girl. Boooooooo..... She walks out in her bikini and Simon mouths "wow." She looks like plastic. Ryan says, "I was gonna ask you what's new, but I think I know." Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Bikini got a boob job. Her singing is horrendous. But then Ms. Kara comes out and shows her up...Kara's got a good voice, actually. Remember B.G. challenged Kara during auditions? At the end of the song, Kara ripped open her dress to show off HER bikini!!! THAT WAS GREAT, and Kara's body is buff! She's SO thin--you don't notice that when she's sitting behind the table. I think I saw on Access Hollywood that she's a kickboxer. I actually enjoyed this bit. (Ryan said that they bet Kara wouldn't rip open open the dress, but because she did, a lot of money would be donated to her favorite charity.)

Allison's singing with Cindy Lauper--"Time After Time." Allison sounds great. And so does Cindy. And they sound great together. It's a good pairing.

Yay--here's Danny. Singing Hello. That song should be retired from the show after David Cook's version last year. But...Danny sounds good. I still love him. Danny then introduces Lionel Richie. Danny seems so pleased and honored to be there with Lionel Richie. They sang a song I didn't care for, and now it's All Night Long.

Adam's performing...he's all glammed up. I'll have to post a picture later of this outfit--it's his most outrageous yet, and his eyeliner's thicker than ever. He's wearing rhinestones or something along his bottom lash line. And the kicker--4-inch platform boots! No, make that 6-inch platforms! I love it! He sings "Beth"? And then introduces Kiss. Now his outfit makes sense. Jesus, how OLD are these guys??? I remember them being on American Bandstand every other Saturday when I was a kid. THIRTY YEARS AGO. Adam fit right in with those guys. (I want his midnight blue nail polish.)

And now, Santana. I love watching him...I have a concert DVD of his and he's just amazing. Matt's singing Black Magic Woman. I think he's wearing Michael Jackson's red jacket from the "Beat It" video. Now the group is singing Smooth.

Man, this is a long show.

Now here's a surprise for Adam & Kris presented by David Cook. They each got a new car!!! The Ford Fusion Hybrid. Good for them!

Now....here's Megan, Michael (oil rigger) and Steve Martin with his banjo! Steve looks rather distinguished. Michael sounds good. I'm cringing in anticipation of what Megan's going to sound like.... Eh. She sounds all right--I think she rushed through it. Nice song though. They did "Pretty Flowers" from Steve's new album.

Ohmygod. Another group sing--the guys are singing "If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy." Um...no. I wouldn't use the word 'sexy' to describe any of these guys.....

Next...Rod Stewart comes out in a loud plaid jacket. He was another Bandstand regular in the 70s. The years haven't been too kind to his face...and, he tripped as he went to the mike. His voice sounds the same though--he's singing "Maggie May." I guess this is for the parents in the audience. Adam's mom seems to be enjoying it.

More Idol awards. Ugh. It's 11:23pm--I'm just going to fast forward. Someone let me know if I missed anything good. Oh, I could see as I fast forwarded that I made the right decision -- there was Tatiana. UGH.

And now, Kris & Adam sing "We Are the Champions." Adam was made to sing Queen. Sorry, but Kris can't match Adam on this song. Oh! And Queen is there too! And a choir! Great performance!!

Ooh!! Commercials for SYTYCD!! It starts tomorrow, baby!!!!

AND FINALLY...we're going to find out the winner. Simon says, "I would just say to both of you, and I don't normally mean this--I thought you were both brilliant. Unusually incredibly nice people....And I think that both of you should be very proud of what you achieved last night, and the future's all yours."

There were almost 100 million votes last night. No wonder I could never get through!

OK. Dim the lights...here we go.

The winner of American Idol 2009 is......



Kris is shocked and told Ryan that Adam deserves it. You know what--Adam looks genuinely happy for Kris. I really like that guy.

Adam has to sing Kara's song once again--No Boundaries. He's doing better with it tonight, for what it's worth.

Good for Kris--he came out of nowhere and won the whole damn thing. I'm happy for him.

That's all, folks! It was a great season.


kerri said...

i almost felt bad for kris- he seemed to think adam was more deserving of the title than him.

and clearly, adam was the star of tonight's show- i mean c'mon!! he sang w/ kiss, with all sorts of pyrotechnics, glammed-out (and old) rock icons whereas kris sand some little song with keith urban. then when they dueted on "we are the champions" kris barely made a peep b/c he knew that song was meant for adam.

both guys are likeable. i'm glad for kris. adam seemed geniunely happy for him.

i loved adam on tonight's show. and actually i thought he can sing that phrase, "if you want my body and you think i'm sexy" and get away with it. i thought he was pretty hot. and i like the sexual ambiguity- he could be gay and probably is, but maybe not- anyway, who cares!

lots of those idols from earlier in the season proved to be pretty horrible in the group singing- who would pay good money to see those clowns in concert???

loved seeing jason mraz on there. i'm in love with him. me and all those girls half my age! ;)

anyway, that was just a lot of entertainment for one night. whew. i'm exhausted.

thanks for your recap!
now what are we gonna watch??!!

Valerie said...

Kerri,we gotta watch So You Think You Can Dance this summer. Are you with me? And, in the Fall, we can watch Glee--did you catch the preview on Tuesday?

I brought my Jason Mraz CD with me today -- I loved that he was on the show last night.

The more I think about the finale, the more I like it. I'm sure I'll watch it again at some point before I delete it.