Go Filipe!

Just wanted to post real quick about the most inspiring contestant I've ever seen on The Biggest Loser. Filipe got voted off tonight, after losing 130 pounds in 17 weeks. He and his cousin Sione were determined not only to change their own health and habits, but also to inspire those in their Tongan family & community to do the same. (In their Tongan culture, it's accepted to be overweight; thinness is actually frowned upon.) Filipe plateaued a bit after he got home, but then his dad had a stroke. Filipe became refocused on his goals. He started hosting a free exercise class at his home for his community. A little blurb at the end says he continues to host the weekly exercise class, and that his dad has started attending the classes. I feel so proud of him...of them all, really!

As for the rest of the gang on the show...the final four are father & son Ron and Mike, Helen, and Tara. I'd been pulling for Tara for most of the show, but the last few weeks she's been getting on my nerves. It really bugged me when she was trying to keep her friend Laura there, even after it was discovered Laura had a fracture in her hip and needed to lay off the exercise. Jillian went off on Tara about her selfishness, and I was so glad Jillian did that. Now I'm sorta pulling for Mike, except, I don't like his manipulative dad, Ron. I almost want Mike to lose just to upset Ron. Now what kind of thinking is that? I also don't care for Helen much, but you know what? I don't even remember why! She did something early on that I didn't care for and I guess I've been holding a grudge. (I *am* a Scorpio after all...) So. I guess I really don't care who wins TBL this year. I'm more interested to see which contestant wins the $100,000 (or is it $10,000?) for losing the most weight after being voted off the show. I hope it's Filipe or Sione.

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