Disco, disco duck!

It's Disco night on AI. Two, count 'em, TWO contestants will be eliminated tomorrow night. No one will be saved. Dunh-dunh-dunhhhhhh.

Simon's wearing his threadbare white tee again tonight. Surely he has enough money to buy some better cotton.

Here come the top 7. Thankfully, Matt's wearing his hat again. I think he performs better with it on.

Lil--I'm Every Woman--Chaka Khan. Uh-oh. Her very first note was week. And her hair's even longer this week. The rest of the song sounds okay, but I'm not blown away. I think I've just had my fill of her and am ready to see her go. Randy did the deep inhale...he said it didn't show her vocal control. Kara said we've been waiting for her to sing Chaka Khan or someone like that, but it wasn't worth the wait. Paula announces that Lil had no voice yesterday and that she was on vocal rest and credited her for a remarkable recovery. Simon comments that Lil looks so sad. (Oh, it just dawned on me that all four judges are speaking. That's okay...I'm prepared. Tivo is set to record 15 mins over!) She says she's not sad, and then Simon lays the boom: this is the last week she'll be singing. Lil contested everything the judges said--she did NOT sound karaoke tonight! (I don't think anyone said she did??

Kris--(hmm...Kris has his guitar out. This should be interesting. He saya he was worried about Disco week. I was worried for him. He chose She Works Hard for the Money--Donna Summers. I like it--the guitar & congo drums. Definitely made this his own and it sounds great! Love it! The audience is going wild. Kara said his risk in that arrangement paid off BIG TIME. Paula said it had a Santana feel for it and then made some goofy statement about him shopping in the women's department and finding the right fit. Simon said he needs a translator for this show, and then gave kudos to Kris for a fantastic performance. Randy said hie performance proves he's ready for the big time. I might just download this one from iTunes tonight.

Danny--September, Earth, Wind & Fire--he sounds good tonight. I loved it! Randy was skeptical about the song choice because there's not enough melody, but Danny worked it out. Kara was worried about Danny doing disco too...she said his pitch is so right on. Paula said he has one of the sexiest voices ever. I don't know if I'd say "ever," but in this song, he did sound kinda sexy. Simon couldn't fault singing, but found performance awkward and clumsy.

Allison--Hot Stuff, Donna Summers. Ooh...she gets the big stage production; stairs, moving panels. Her heels are pretty high--I hope she doesn't go up and down those stairs. She's doing a rocky-bluesy version...sounds good. You definitely forget that this girl is only 16. Randy didn't love the arrangement--overindulgent for him. But he said she's one of the best singers in the competition. Kara agreed with Randy on everything. Paula said she hit it off the charts with her last note. Simon said she came into the week as an underdog, but it was a brilliant performance.

Ryan says, "We've got ourselves a competition tonight!" I'll say!

Adam--If I Can't Have You, Yvonne Elmann. He already did disco so wanted to do something he could connect with emotionally. He's in the suit & tie tonight. He slowed the song down substantially and it's very tender. Uh-oh...Paula's tearing up. This is a lovely rendition and he sounds fantastic. I'm rewinding to watch again before the judges speak. Paula stood and Simon even clapped! Randy said, "you are ready right now, dude!" Kara said he's brilliant and his performance was inspiring. Paula felt his pain and vulnerability and said he's brilliant and awesome and that he'll be in the final. Simon didn't quite feel the pain, but he did something unexpected, and Simon loved the originality and the vocals were immaculate.

Matt--Staying Alive, Bee Gees. Hmmm...a hip-hoppy version. I....like it! So does Paula--she's up and dancing. Randy didn't love song choice or arrangement, BUT..."you can REALLY sing, dude." Kara said he brought disco back--liked his moves...it was a solid performance. Paula said he picks songs like she bowls--sometimes you bowl gutter balls, sometimes strikes...this was a strike. And...Simon didn't like it. Says it came over as despearate. Well, dude was almost kicked off last week--of course he's desperate!

OK. I've seen two previews for a new Fox show called "Glee" about a high school glee club. Gotta admit that I'm intrigued--it looks good.

Anoop and his pink sweater--Dim All the Lights, another Donna Summer song. Slow beginning sounded nice, the uptempo part sounds weird. Like 80s electronica....too much keyboard. Anyway, his voice sounds good. I think he might be in trouble though because the other performers were SO good. Randy didn't love this song choice either, but again, he can really sing! Kara thinks it could be on the radio and that he's really hitting his stride. Paula says "real men know how to wear pink." Simon, disagreed with everyone. Said it was mediocre at best. He prayed that the tempo wasn't going to come in...it did. Simon says it was his worst performance by a mile. I disagree with that--did Simon forget Michael Jackson week?

Lil & Anoop will be the bottom two and will head home, methinks. Matt probably rounds out the bottom three. Allison will be in the middle and Kris, Danny and Adam will be the top three.

I'm off to download some songs from iTunes!


kerri said...

I totally agree with your ranking.
I have to add, altho I like Kris,I DO think he's a Jason Mraz wannabe. But I love Jason, so really, that is all fine with me. It just doesn't seem all that original. And I think Matt is trying to imitate Justin Timberlake.
I felt a little bad for Lil, even tho I find her boring. Her eyes looked sad. :(
I thought Danny really sounded really great.
I was a fan of Allison, but am started to get a little sick of her... Not a big fan of Hot Stuff- Or her vest.

Valerie said...

I never thought about that re: Kris and Jason Mraz, but I can see what you mean. And like you, I love Jason Mraz, so it's all good. :o) My sister agrees with you about Allison--she's tired of her too.