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Idols are singing "Maniac" for the group song. I think they're actually singing live tonight. Danny sounded best on the song.

Here we go:

Allison is safe! Adam is safe! (Duh.) Anoop is in the bottom three again this week. I have mixed feelings about this. I actually need him to go this week to advance my standings in my pool, BUT...I don't want to see him go now.

Jennifer Hudson's back for the first time since she was eliminated from the show. She's back an Oscar winner AND a Grammy winner. Fantastic--and she looks fabulous. I really admire how she's come through the horrible tragedy that befell her family. (Which, by the way, they didn't mention on tonight's show.) I just watched The Secret Life of Bees over the weekend--she was good in that too.

Ryan asked Paula if she's surprised Anoop is in the bottom three...she said, yes, she's a little surprised. Then Ryan asked Simon if Anoop deserved to be there. Simon's answer. "Yes." Audience boos. Simon never disappoints.

Kris and Lil are asked to stand. Simon said, "We didn't get a chance to talk last night--you were brilliant." That's what America needed to hear last night! One of these two is in the bottom three--it is.....Lil. As it should be. Now, if Lil gets voted off tonight, I'll win points on the Entertainment Weekly game!

Matt and Danny are up. I'm guessing Matt will be in the bottom three. And I was right.

Now I'm guessing Ryan will send Anoop back to the couch. And...I was right again!

Fast-forwarded through Miley Cyrus. Her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

Simon says he might consider saving one of the bottom two this evening, and it might be a surprise to that person. Ryan said, "So is that Lil?" Simon said, "We'll see." I don't think so. I think he means Matt.

Lil is safe. WOW. I'm SO surprised.

Matt now has to sing for his life. The girls (Paula & Kara) are standing for him--cheering him on. Now the judges are deliberating, and not paying any attention to Matt. Now Paula, Kara and Randy are swaying to the music. I think they just might save him tonight. He sang better than last night. The crowd's chanting for him to be saved. Matt felt it was better than last night too. Simon asks how many times Matt's been in the bottom three. Twice. Then Simon says that he doesn't see that Matt has any chance winning the competition. Paula yells, "What?!" Oh the drama! Then Simon says, "we've made a decision...it's good news." YES!

Next, Simon announces some bad news: 1. Next week two people will be going home. 2. Next week is disco week.

Bring it on! Valerie...are you ready?!

(Folks, don't worry. I'm not talking to myself--that's a shout-out to my friend Valerie...the Disco Queen!)

Hmm...who should sing what????

I think Adam should do a Bee Gees song...maybe "Staying Alive." He can hit Barry Gibbs' high notes. He could also do "You Make Me Feel." And I think it'd be a hoot to see him do "I Will Survive." I could see Danny doing "Boogie Wonderland." Lil needs to pull it out and should do "Last Dance," but she has to sing STRONGLY. This IS her last chance! Or, she could do "Don't Leave Me This Way." Allison could maybe pull off "Turn the Beat Around," or "Got to Be Real." I can't see Kris or Anoop doing disco--I have no idea what they should sing. Who's left? Oh, Matt. How about... "That's the Way (I Like It)"? Uh-huh, uh-huh. Okay, and maybe Kris could do "How Deep is Your Love." Yeah, that's the ticket. Oh, and Anoop can do "Ain't No Stopping Us Now." You can check these songs out on the right side.

What do you think they should sing? (By the way, if you want to leave a comment, but don't have a gmail account and password, just click "Name/URL" and enter your name to leave a comment. No account or password necessary.)


kerri said...

Oh, I agree about Miley. However, I did NOT fast forward, as you did. And it was so funny to me toward the end of the the song when she started shaking her head around- as if in a metal band- and seemed to just really think she and her little song are all that. She was the only performer I've ever seen not say "Thank You" at the end of the performance on that show. I do not get the Miley Cyrus thing. However, I am not 13!

ValerieS said...

Oh dear! I'm a week behind in reading your blog and you actually mentioned me last week! Yes, I was totally excited about Disco night...I honestly think Disco could make a comeback :o)

It would be nice if they didn't have the "year-they-were-born" week for songs, and I never really care for the Broadway musical week they've had in the past. I would love to see a 50's week! And, believe it or not, I think they could probably do away with the Country week also *gasp*!

Valerie said...

I never understood why they do Broadway, when the biggest criticism someone can get is that they sound like they're on Broadway!