Shaking things up at AI

Ryan Seacrest announced tonight that in response to America's dismay at the dismissal of greats such as Tamyra Gray and Chris Doughtry before they deserved to go in previous seasons, the judges will now be given to save a contestant if they unanimously agree. This save can be used once between now and when they're down to the top 5 contestants. (This trick wouldn't have helped Tamrya--if I remember correctly, she was 4th.)

So, there was a lot going on tonight. Jasmine and Megan were the first bottom two. Megan was safe. Ryan asked Jasmine to sing again. When she was done, the judges announced they would not be saving her.

Next, Anoop and Jorge were the next bottom two. Anoop was safe, Jorge sang, Simon said no, they won't be saving him. Kind of coldly, actually. I felt bad for Jorge--he seems like a nice kid. (I sort of felt bad for Jasmine too, because who wants to be the first to go? Still, I guessed correctly that she would be going home, so I wasn't surprised.)

I like the idea of this rule, but hope the judges use this new power wisely. For example, if America ever gets complacent and doesn't vote for Danny because they think he's got it in the bag, and then he winds up in the bottom, then by all means, the judges must save him! They must save Danny, Adam, Allison, Lil, Alexis and Matt. Everyone else can go when it's their time.

Kanye West performed tonight. With his attitude, I'm surprised he did American Idol--I figured he'd think it beneath him. Then again, considering the Nielsen numbers on the show, OF COURSE he did it.

Kelly Clarkson also performed--it was great to see her. I'm curious to hear her new album--she said it's a little of this, a little of that.

See you AI fans next week!

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Valerie S said...

Not only did you correctly guess that Jasmine was going home, you also had it in the bag for Jorge!

I just LOVE Danny and hope he makes it into the top 2 or 3 at least. He's got such a touching story, and I believe he is super talented, plus he just seems like such a likable everyday kinda guy!