Paul Rudd: I Love You, Man!

Deb and I saw I Love You, Man today, and literally laughed til we cried. I've had a major crush on Paul Rudd ever since Clueless and it grew even more today. He is so cute and goofy and funny. Deb and I noticed that there were times it seemed she and I were the only ones laughing, and we're not sure why. And it wasn't just that we were chuckling at the scene--we were really cracking up. I figure we're just more evolved than everyone else in the theater, or maybe we were just in a goofy mood.

The movie is about Paul Rudd's character trying to make some male friends so he'll be able to contribute to the bridal party when he and his fiancé, played by Rashida Jones, get married. He meets Jason Segel and the two of them really hit it off and develop quite the Bromance. Rashida Jones is beautiful, and Jason Segel is really great in the movie too, but the biggest laughs came from Paul Rudd. I just love him.


I guess NCAA tournaments caused CBS to run late this evening, so instead of recording The Amazing Race, I ended up with most of 60 Minutes. Good thing. They did a story about Mr. Ayers and Mr. Lopez who will be featured in the movie The Soloist with Robert Downey, Jr. and Jamie Foxx. What a wonderful story. Mr. Lopez, a columnist, found Mr. Ayers, a homeless man, playing beautiful classical music on the streets of Los Angeles. Mr. Ayers is homeless and paranoid-schizophrenic and he plays the music not for money, but to keep the demons out of his head. The gentlemen refer to each other as Mister so-and-so, so 60 Minutes did the same. The two developed a friendship and Mr. Lopez began writing articles (and later, a book) about Mr. Ayers--his talent, background, homelessness, etc. I read one of Mr. Lopez' beautiful articles about Mr. Ayers' first visit to see the L.A. Philharmonic. I'll definitely be going back to read more. What an amazing story. I can't wait to see it played out on screen. And, I'll just have to catch Amazing Race later. (I think they re-play it on the Travel channel.)


Jeanene said...

I was just telling someone over the weekend that I've loved Paul Rudd since Clueless! I'm going to have to see this based on your glowing review. BTW, have you seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Paul and Jason are hilarious in that too!

Valerie said...

Oh yes! I loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall too. Great movie!

kerri said...

I, too, love Paul Rudd. Rent the movie he did not too long ago w/ Michelle Pfeiffer and you will heart him even more. I can't wait to see "I Love You, Man"~

I read the book, The Soloist. The movie has been shelved for some reason and wasn't released in 2008 like it was suppose to be but I hope it's finally coming soon. I caught the piece on 60 minutes as well. I'd loan you my copy of the book if we lived in the same town. I bet you'll really like it.

Have fun watching Idol tonight. I'm DVR-ing it and will watch later and read your post tomorrow.


Valerie said...

I responded to Kerri on her blog, but wanted to mention here that the movie with Paul Rudd and Michelle Pfeiffer ("I Could Never Be Your Woman") was good, and was the first time I realized how truly funny Paul Rudd is. I just love him!