Adam, Allison, and....what's his name

Three more contestants made it through to the final 12. Adam Lambert--best guy. Allison--best girl. And the dude that sang "Man in the Mirror" rounds out the top 3 from last night.

They tried to build suspense over whether it would be Nick/Norman or Adam getting through, but really? It would've been more suspenseful if they put Nick/Norman up against the MitM guy. (I really need to look up his name.) The choice is so obvious between Nick/Norman or Adam, but with the other guy, it really could've gone either way.

I've heard many people comment today that the kids from group one were cheated. Many of them were so much better than so many from last night. No fair, and only 3 will come through as a wild card.

Brooke was back tonight to sing her first song from her new solo venture. She thinks it's catchy--it was alright. Her voice is still a little wobbly from time to time, but I'm sure they fixed that on the recording. Good for her.

Next week we'll see the final 12. I didn't recognize many of them, but I look forward to hearing Lil Rounds. My sister tells me we also liked a dark-haired girl from Philadelphia, but I don't remember.

I decided to post this now so I could procrastinate from doing the laundry, but laundry must be done. Off I go.

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